Week 19 ~ Saying Goodbye :)

Well, a lot of the Spring Blooms are saying ‘Goodbye’! Poppies and Irises are both leaving beautiful, sweet memories with us until next Spring! So in tribute of the gift they gave us of their brilliance and the joy they brought, I present some of my lasting memories of them!

It is ‘Goodbye’ for now, but they will be back next Spring to bless us again! Have a blessed, ‘full of blooms’ day!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ♡ ~

Week 18 ~ What Makes Clark Gardens Special?

What makes Clark Gardens one of the most beautiful Botanical Parks in the entire Country? Well, at first it is the beauty of the lush greens, the colorful blooms everywhere you look and the design and layout of the Gardens! WOW! But this is not what truly makes Clark Gardens so Special!

Clark Gardens is the dream, love and hard work of Max and Billie Clark! Billie wanted an English Garden and Max wanted to build it for her! This became the Channel Garden at the entrance of 35+ acres of magnificent beauty! From there the Gardens grew, with Billie’s inspiration and  designs and Max constructing it with the help of John Holder! Then you also have the staff who helped create this Little Bit of Heaven!  This creation known as Clark Gardens Botanical Park started in 1972 and was ready to be opened to the public on April 20th, 2000!

Welcome to Clark Gardens

Today Clark Gardens is one of, if not the, most beautiful, tranquil places on earth! It is tucked away down a country road surrounded by woodlands. There is something always blooming and the greens are so lush they look as if they had been painted! But all of this is not really what makes it so Special…it is the people! Max is a humble, friendly, warm man who loves people and is genuinely happy to see how thrilled the visitors are with the Gardens he and Billie created! Then there is the staff! Quite a few of them have been there for over 20 years building, maintaining, caring for and loving the Gardens! Now if you have to chose one thing that makes Clark Gardens so special it is…LOVE! You can feel it as you stroll through the Gardens with varieties of birds singing their songs, a gentle breeze blowing through the trees, the sweet aroma of all the different blooms, the sounds of the peacocks, ducks, geese  and oh, yes…the Guineas aka the ‘Busy Bodies of Clark Gardens’! But you truly feel it when you see a ‘worker’ of Clark Gardens and they give you a big smile and wave! They are not just staff, workers or employees, they are part of the Gardens; they love the Gardens and if is part of them! Without the people of the Gardens who helped create it, pour their hearts and love into taking care of it and constantly helping it grow into something even more magnificent, it would be just another Botanical Garden Park! Max along with his staff work the Gardens every day pouring their love into every thing they do!

Max and his faithful companion, Chocolate

A small portion of the Channel Garden

The Clark Gardens’ Train Station

For more information on Clark Gardens you may go to: http://www.clarkgardens.org/

Have a Blessed Day filled with love and Sonshine!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ♡ ~

Week 17 ~ Beautiful Blooms Blooming

How can anyone look at these beautiful creations of our Daddy and not believe in Him? When you look at the intricate detail of each bloom, how can you not recognize His handiwork? I am so thankful that my Daddy loves me so much that He surrounds me with His beauty in everything!

Have a wonderful day and remember to stop and smell the flowers! 🙂

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ♡ ~

Week 11 ~ Signs of Spring

These are a few signs of Spring from one of my favorite of all places on earth…’God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas’, Clark Gardens!

Have an abundantly Blessed Day!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ♡ ~

~ The Father’s Creations ~

This is the way The Father’s Creations was birthed 4 1/2 years ago in May 2007. Actually I asked God to reveal my gift to me. I know that He has given each one of us a gift and I wanted to know what mine was. Well, I asked and He did! It’s that simple! 🙂

My gift is constantly developing and improving and it will continue to do so as long as I have breath! There is only perfection in Heaven! If you don’t know what your God given gift is, just ask Him! He will reveal it to you and guide and teach you how to use it for His Glory! He is the most wonderful Daddy and I am definitely My Daddy’s Girl! 🙂

Have an abundantly blessed day!

Love and Blessings,


God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas – Part III

Well, it is ‘officially’ Spring! Spring has been springing at Clark Gardens for almost a month! It is so much fun each week to see the new blooms and blossoms! One surprise after another! Bluebonnets, Peach Blossoms, Apple Blossoms, Pear Blossoms, Plum Blossoms, the first Iris and Azalea! And then of course, Tulips, Pansies and Daffodils! It is like watching the earth waking up from a winter’s sleep!

Bluebonnet-Texas State Flower

Ornamental Apple Blossoms

Pear Blossoms

Not only is the plant life waking up, but the Clark Garden’s critters are feeling the Spring springing too!

This is definitely one of my favorite times of year! After laying dormant for several months things start to slowly come back to life! Flowers pushing through the earth, birds building nests for their young, leaves and blossoms spring forth on trees! And, yes, you can also see a difference in God’s 2 legged creatures aka humans! 🙂 Spring does that! It brings out life and fresh ideas, dreams and hopes for all of us! Now scientist would explain it as something to do with the moon, tides and other ‘explainable’ things! NO! It has all to do with God! He set everything up way before scientist were even thought of! 🙂 And when He did set everything up, He knew exactly what He was doing and why! We are not meant to have everything explained to us…we are meant to love, have faith and TRUST our Heavenly Father, or as I call Him, our Daddy! The animals don’t have to have everything figured out…they simply follow the instincts that God placed in them! We all could take lessons from the animals our Daddy created!

We humans make things so complicated in our lives, starting with The Word of God! When we read the Bible, instead of asking first to have understanding, we analyze it, give our interpretations (called theories) and then argue over whose theory or denomination is correct! God created a perfect world with perfect weather, perfect animals…everything perfect! Then He created man because He wanted to have someone to fellowship, walk and talk with! He gave this man dominion over all the creatures He had created. Then man wasn’t satisfied to have God to fellowship with, so God created woman for man as a companion! So here they are in a perfect world with only ONE stipulation! They could do any thing…ANY thing but this one thing, so what do they do…they disobey God’s one stipulation! Now, think about this…God created the entire world with every living creature perfect, every detail perfect in every way! Then He creates one man and one woman, folks that is 2 people…only two! They are tempted by satan (oh, I don’t capitalize his name because I refuse to honor him in any way!) and are not satisfied with the perfect world they were given dominion over, so they disobey God! Now He could have wiped them out and started all over, but our God is a loving, patient, merciful, good God and He didn’t!  If you think about this in this manner maybe it will help you to see how my your Daddy loves you! How no matter what you do, all you have to do is turn to Him, call upon Him, ask His forgiveness and except Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Oh, yes, He sent His only Son into this world to share His love with everyone and to take on our sins, diseases, poverty, worries…everything that doesn’t come from God…upon His perfect body, die on the cross for us, descend into the pit of Hell and be Resurrected to sit in Heaven at the Father’s right hand to intercede for us! Do we really realize how blessed we are? Why, after all this, is it so hard to have faith in our Daddy and to trust Him in every situation? Do we not realize that after all He has done for us, there is nothing He will not do for us?

I don’t know about you, but I love my Daddy, I love Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and all I want to do is walk with Him, talk with Him, listen to Him and be an obedient child! I’m not perfect, but I know that my Daddy knows that and He will correct me, but He will do it in love! I have faith in Him and His Word and I put ALL of my TRUST in Him because He created me, He loves me and He will never leave me or turn His back on me! I am a child of the Most High God, my Father, my Daddy and a continuous work of His polishing, refining and shaping into what He wants me to be! I am blessed beyond measure and you can be too! You see, God created you, He loves you and He will never leave you or turn His back on you! Welcome to the family! 🙂

Love and Blessings,


God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas!

Welcome to Clark Gardens

I want to introduce you to one of the most beautiful, peaceful, serene places on earth and we are so blessed to have it only an hour’s drive from our home! The official name of it is Clark Garden’s Botanical Park, but to me it’s name is God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas!  It is a Garden with beginnings in 1972 as a small family English garden, designed by Billie Clark and built by Max Clark and John Holder! It has developed into 35+ acres of pure Paradise! It was officially opened to the public on April 22, 2000. It is family owned and family operated with a great staff!  Most of them have been there for 20+ years! Clark Gardens is a place not only of beauty, but also a place where you feel at home and part of the family…which you are! 🙂 It has been declared one of the most beautiful gardens in the nation!

It is heavenly no matter what time of year! It’s even pretty in the Winter because there are trees that remain green among those who have lost all of their foliage.  Also, in the Winter you can enjoy seeing the ‘backbone’ of the Gardens! Have you ever looked at the bare trees in Winter and noticed their true character without their ‘dressings’? In the Spring is when the new birth takes place and there are Iris of all colors and types blooming every where! There are also trees budding out with new green leaves and new growth everywhere you look! Next are the Day Lilies! I never thought much of this flower until Clark Gardens! I have never seen so many beautiful colors or types of this flower in my life! They are gorgeous!

Day Lily

A footnote here: Max and everyone associated with Clark Gardens are constantly working, planting, pruning, etc. to make sure that there is something blooming for each and every season! And, yes…Max Clark does still consistently work in the Gardens! You will usually find him in the back part on his knees working with planting and weeding and in his cart parked nearby is his faithful, loyal best friend for 13+ years, Chocolate, his Chocolate Lab! Even though she doesn’t get around as well anymore, she is right there with him!

Max Clark and Chocolate Clark 🙂











Among the beautiful blooming trees, flowers and plants we also have the wildlife! There are peacocks, the very colorful ones and one pure white one! There are 2 swans each in different lakes, Doc the Trumpeter Swan of Emerald Lake and Houdini, the Muted Swan of Oxbow Lake!  Now, Houdini is my very special friend! There are Canada Geese, Whistler Ducks, Egyptian Geese, Domestic Ducks, Squirrels, Turtles, Butterflies, Bees and the ‘Busy Bodies of Clark Gardens’ the Guineas! There are also all kinds of birds, including Howard Hughes, the Blue Heron!


Doc the Trumpeter Swan



My Friend Houdini, the Muted Swan


The 'Busy Bodies of Clark Gardens'

Whistler Ducks & Howard Hughes 🙂

White Peacock


Canada Geese

Egyptian Geese

Clark Gardens is a very important part of Paul’s and my lives! He is there every Tuesday working on the Garden Trains (more about that to follow) and I am there just enjoying fellowshipping with my Daddy and my friends (2 and 4 legged) and capturing the beauty around me through my Daddy’s eyes!

There is so much more to introduce you to and show you that this is going to have to be continued… So enjoy for now!

PS to see more (many, many, many more photos) you may go to my website at TheFathersCreations

Love and Blessings to all of you,

Judy ♡

Never Too Late to Learn Something New!

No matter how much we may think we know, it is never too late to learn something new! I love continually learning something new and different. Oh, sometimes it can be frustrating, but it is also extremely satisfying when you have been through the frustration and actually learned something!

Do you think you know beyond a shadow of doubt the true meaning of a certain, maybe your favorite scripture? Some time try reading and studying it from a different translation and see what you learn! No matter how many times you may read that scripture, you can always get something new and different from it…a clearer understanding! It also depends on what is going  on in your life at that particular time! God is so good…He will take a familiar, favorite scripture and according to your need at the time, bring a new, fresh revelation to you from it…an answer for your current need!

Never take God for granted and never stop learning something new! Not only are you gaining knowledge, you are also exercising your brain and strengthening it! The brain just as with the body needs constant exercise to keep it strong! My husband’s grandmother was 99 when she decided to go home to be with Jesus and his mother was 93. Their minds were as sharp as when they were younger because they continually exercised them! Grandma was constantly working on the family tree, researching, studying, etc.  Mom was always reading and doing needle work on quilts, etc.  My Nana was 95 and she was always doing search puzzles!

God promises to satisfy us with a long life, but we have to do our part! Eat right, drink lots of water, exercise our bodies and our minds! We age but we don’t have to grow old and certainly not feeble! Remember to constantly be looking for something new to learn!  Hey, you have just learned something from this Blog! Hallelujah! Be blessed!

Love and Blessings,

Judy ♡

Decisions of the New Year!

No, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions! But I am making some decisions for the new year of 2011!  After all if there was so much speculation, instilling of fear, rumors of great, not so good happenings, with the approaching of the year 2000, the Millennium, then I can make decisions for my life in the year 2011!

My decisions concern my family; my relationship with my Daddy; my friends; my passion for photography and my life in general!  We all recognize that time is passing very quickly and it has nothing to do with our getting older, it has to do with end times! Now don’t panic like so many people do that don’t know the Word of God and don’t really have a personal relationship with Him! This is an exciting time! A glorious time! Just think…we were created to live in this time and to experience it! Oh, there was a time several years ago when I was leery of the end times and didn’t want it to happen just yet! Why, you ask? Because I didn’t have that close, personal relationship with my Daddy and I was really dreading reading and studying Revelations! I also didn’t want to be without my family and watch them grow up! Well, you know what…we are all going to have Eternity together without sickness, pain, financial concerns, material needs, taxes and even dust! Hallelujah!

In the year 2011 I am going to draw even closer to my Daddy, my family and my friends. I am going to be more attentive to God’s telling and leading through the Holy Spirit and more obedient to follow that leading and instruction! He gave me the gift of photography and my business/ministry, The Father’s Creations, so this year through the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit I am excited to see what is ahead! I am going to learn to be obedient even when it is hard, challenging and unsettling to do so, because I KNOW that whatever He tells me to do, in the long run are abundant blessings!

I am also going to keep up with my blogging more…at least once a month if not more! Sometimes it may not be much, but I do want to be consistent, so I may even make it once a week! 🙂   Oh, I have so much to accomplish in this year and I know that I can do it all with the help of my Daddy, my God!

You are invited to take this journey with me if you would like to!  You are welcome to follow my progress, celebrate with me my accomplishments and share my picking myself up if I stumble! I will share it all with you!  I may even ask for your opinions some times! So…here we go…this is the first Blog of 2011! We are on our way! 🙂


This scripture says it all! When we follow these words and make them an every day action in our lives we not only will succeed, but also live with peace, love, joy, all of our needs met and a life fulfilled beyond measure!

Happy New Year to all of my family and friends every where! My hope (earnest expectation) for each of you is a year that is daily filled with love, laughter, Sonshine, peace, health and God’s blessings flowing abundantly in your lives! Don’t ever take your Daddy and His promises, His blessings or His Word for granted! He is the Alpha and Omega…the Beginning and the End! Hallelujah! He is my EVERYTHING and I AM NOT ASHAMED TO SHARE HIM, HIS LOVE AND HIS WORD WITH EVERYONE I COME IN CONTACT WITH! Love and Blessings to all of you! ♡