~ The Father’s Creations ~

This is the way The Father’s Creations was birthed 4 1/2 years ago in May 2007. Actually I asked God to reveal my gift to me. I know that He has given each one of us a gift and I wanted to know what mine was. Well, I asked and He did! It’s that simple! 🙂

My gift is constantly developing and improving and it will continue to do so as long as I have breath! There is only perfection in Heaven! If you don’t know what your God given gift is, just ask Him! He will reveal it to you and guide and teach you how to use it for His Glory! He is the most wonderful Daddy and I am definitely My Daddy’s Girl! 🙂

Have an abundantly blessed day!

Love and Blessings,


God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas – Part III

Well, it is ‘officially’ Spring! Spring has been springing at Clark Gardens for almost a month! It is so much fun each week to see the new blooms and blossoms! One surprise after another! Bluebonnets, Peach Blossoms, Apple Blossoms, Pear Blossoms, Plum Blossoms, the first Iris and Azalea! And then of course, Tulips, Pansies and Daffodils! It is like watching the earth waking up from a winter’s sleep!

Bluebonnet-Texas State Flower

Ornamental Apple Blossoms

Pear Blossoms

Not only is the plant life waking up, but the Clark Garden’s critters are feeling the Spring springing too!

This is definitely one of my favorite times of year! After laying dormant for several months things start to slowly come back to life! Flowers pushing through the earth, birds building nests for their young, leaves and blossoms spring forth on trees! And, yes, you can also see a difference in God’s 2 legged creatures aka humans! 🙂 Spring does that! It brings out life and fresh ideas, dreams and hopes for all of us! Now scientist would explain it as something to do with the moon, tides and other ‘explainable’ things! NO! It has all to do with God! He set everything up way before scientist were even thought of! 🙂 And when He did set everything up, He knew exactly what He was doing and why! We are not meant to have everything explained to us…we are meant to love, have faith and TRUST our Heavenly Father, or as I call Him, our Daddy! The animals don’t have to have everything figured out…they simply follow the instincts that God placed in them! We all could take lessons from the animals our Daddy created!

We humans make things so complicated in our lives, starting with The Word of God! When we read the Bible, instead of asking first to have understanding, we analyze it, give our interpretations (called theories) and then argue over whose theory or denomination is correct! God created a perfect world with perfect weather, perfect animals…everything perfect! Then He created man because He wanted to have someone to fellowship, walk and talk with! He gave this man dominion over all the creatures He had created. Then man wasn’t satisfied to have God to fellowship with, so God created woman for man as a companion! So here they are in a perfect world with only ONE stipulation! They could do any thing…ANY thing but this one thing, so what do they do…they disobey God’s one stipulation! Now, think about this…God created the entire world with every living creature perfect, every detail perfect in every way! Then He creates one man and one woman, folks that is 2 people…only two! They are tempted by satan (oh, I don’t capitalize his name because I refuse to honor him in any way!) and are not satisfied with the perfect world they were given dominion over, so they disobey God! Now He could have wiped them out and started all over, but our God is a loving, patient, merciful, good God and He didn’t!  If you think about this in this manner maybe it will help you to see how my your Daddy loves you! How no matter what you do, all you have to do is turn to Him, call upon Him, ask His forgiveness and except Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Oh, yes, He sent His only Son into this world to share His love with everyone and to take on our sins, diseases, poverty, worries…everything that doesn’t come from God…upon His perfect body, die on the cross for us, descend into the pit of Hell and be Resurrected to sit in Heaven at the Father’s right hand to intercede for us! Do we really realize how blessed we are? Why, after all this, is it so hard to have faith in our Daddy and to trust Him in every situation? Do we not realize that after all He has done for us, there is nothing He will not do for us?

I don’t know about you, but I love my Daddy, I love Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and all I want to do is walk with Him, talk with Him, listen to Him and be an obedient child! I’m not perfect, but I know that my Daddy knows that and He will correct me, but He will do it in love! I have faith in Him and His Word and I put ALL of my TRUST in Him because He created me, He loves me and He will never leave me or turn His back on me! I am a child of the Most High God, my Father, my Daddy and a continuous work of His polishing, refining and shaping into what He wants me to be! I am blessed beyond measure and you can be too! You see, God created you, He loves you and He will never leave you or turn His back on you! Welcome to the family! 🙂

Love and Blessings,


The Year 2009!

In the beginning of 2009 I decided that I was going to turn The Father’s Creations over to God. I had done what I felt led to do to introduce it and acquaint people with what it was all about. I built up a very nice contact list and had made a lot of friends for The Father’s Creations. Now it was time to see what God wanted me to do. I had a peace about it all. It’s really wonderful how when you decide to let God take charge and listen, you have a very reassuring peace. I knew in my spirit that He wanted me to take the time to enjoy and work on the gift He had given me. To fine tune it and learn more about it. I had to realize that not only is it a gift He had given me but it is an art and I am an artist! This was hard for me to believe! Me an artist???

I learned to relax and really enjoy my photography. My prayer has always been and still is: “Father, let me see the beauty in Your creations through Your eyes. Let me see all around me the beauty in everything and how to capture it in order to share it with others.” Well, I started looking at familiar things but seeing them entirely differently! Hmmmm! When you ask, you receive!

Now, I know that there are ‘rules’ and ‘techniques’, but I am not a technical person. Oh, I am still learning about shutter speed, aperture, exposure, ISO and all the basics of photography but my photos aren’t so much about ‘perfect composition’, ‘perfect this or that’…my photos are about what I see through my Daddy’s eyes and what is pleasing to others. What will warm someone’s heart, fill a void in their life, bring back a memory or just simply make someone feel good! I want to be able to capture a moment in time that tells a story forever! And I want it to be a beautiful, colorful story!

I am not a ‘Professional Photographer’. I’m not looking for great recognition, having my work hung in galleries or having my own studio! I am a child of God who my Daddy gave a gift to and that gift happens to be photography! I am not in competition with anyone and like any artist, whether painting, photography, sculpturing, writing or any other form of art, I have my own style, my own likes and my own way of seeing things. No two people look at the same thing at the same time and see it exactly alike! This is what makes life so interesting and people so unique!

During 2009 my passion has grown immensely for my gift, my art. I love my Daddy so much and every day I thank Him for my precious gift. He is always so good to me. He has blessed me with a wonderful husband, who is a superb photographer, to share our love of photography together, who is constantly helping me with my learning. He has blessed me with the two greatest children a mother could ever have; the greatest son-in-love and daughter-in-love; the five greatest Granddarlings in the entire universe and a passion for not only photography but for living life, loving it and capturing it with my camera! 2009 was a great year!

The Birth of the Father’s Creations

One day when I was in a friend’s office she told me how much she was enjoying my ‘rose pictures’. I told her that I was having so much fun with them that I wished there was more that I could do with them,when I noticed a framed print on her office wall with a scripture embedded in the matting! That was when I realized that I could put scriptures on my photos and they would be unique and one of a kind. I was so excited, I called my daughter and we started passing names around and we came up with The Father’s Creations. All of this happened on a Monday and the next Tuesday I had my dba and tax number and The Father’s Creations was born!The date was May 29th, 2007!

God is so good! He showed me what scripture to put on which picture! When I would look through the viewfinder a scripture would come to mind! Suddenly I found that there was a passion growing inside of me for photographing Nature of all kinds! I knew that this was developing into a ministry for me. With the reaction I was getting from strangers, the vision of my ministry was taking place! It is my desire to have my photographs in homes all around the world, ministering to maybe people who don’t even know the Lord but the picture itself and the scripture on it bring the Word of God to life for them!
God even began to give me ‘original inspirational messages’ for Mothers, Daughters, Friends and Sons. I spent a good part of 2008 doing Arts and Craft shows meeting people and getting them acquainted with my work. It was fun and I made so many new friends. It’s always fun to watch God work in your life and watch His plans for you unfold before your very eyes. 2008 was a very good year,but…There is 2009!

Welcome to My World!

Welcome to “Thru My Daddy’s Eyes”. I am learning, by listening to my Daddy and being obedient, to see the entire world around me through His eyes. I have always loved Nature. I love the trees in full foliage and I love them without any leaves. This is when their true character is obvious for all to see. I love the sky with white fluffy clouds and the gorgeous Texas sunsets. (Sunrise is too early in the morning for me!) I love all flowers of all different colors including wildflowers, which if you ever take notice are some to the prettiest flowers there are! Roses are probably my favorite flower though and I have several rose bushes in my yard, each one different and unique from the others! I love water, whether it is a river, stream, lake or ocean! I just LOVE Nature! Nature is God’s canvas where He paints His masterpiece!

I always wanted to one day take oil painting lessons to put the beauty in Nature that I see, on canvas. Well, God being God and so good had other plans for me. He made known the gift He had given to me in 2007! One morning we had a shower, not really a heavy rain but a shower! I decided to take a picture of one of my roses that still had the raindrops on it. I took my small Sony camera out of my purse and took a close up of my rose. I then emailed the picture to my daughter and she immediately replied to my email with, “Mom, this is as good as Dad’s pictures!” Now this was the SUPREME compliment because Paul cut his teeth on a camera and is a superb photographer! So when I picked myself up off the floor, I knew that my Daddy had answered my prayer from a few days earlier. I had, in talking to Him, asked Him to reveal the gift that He had given me because I know that everyone has a gift. I just wanted to know what mine was! Well, on that day in May 2007 I had an answer to that prayer!

This was only the beginning!…More to come…!