Week 20 ~ Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed that when someone has a need for a loved one or themselves, people respond with, ‘sending healing vibes your way’, positive thoughts for you and …..’, ‘our wishes for an answer are with you’, ‘sending you our energy’ and the list goes on and on! Recently on a site I follow of a little girl with cancer who was having tests, several people posted ‘keeping our fingers crossed’! People…it’s not crossing fingers, sending positive vibes or thoughts or wishes that does any thing!!!  IT IS PRAYER!!! There is nothing as or more powerful than PRAYER! Oh, on the little girl’s site I commented “not crossing fingers, Praying!

What has happened to us? Have you ever noticed someone making a comment and using ‘G_d’! What is this? It seems that people have become so afraid of offending someone that they have become little creepy, meek hypocrites! I am not sorry, but I don’t care if I offend you, I am NOT going to offend my Heavenly Father, my Daddy, my GOD!

I am not ashamed of who I am in Christ Jesus! I am not ashamed that I am a Child of God, made in His image and loved unconditionally by Him! He is my Daddy and I am proud to say I AM MY DADDY’S GIRL!

If you don’t know Him and would like to, please contact me and I will introduce you to the One Who will never leave you, Who will love you unconditionally, Who has plans for you that are far greater than any thing you could even begin to imagine and Who’s will is blessings, goodness, divine health, prosperity and long life for you! He will not only walk every step with you, He will carry you when you are too weary to take a step! He is not about ‘religion’, He is about the Truth in God’s Word, not man’s made up theology and traditions! He meets our every need, even before we know we have it! All He asks in return is our love, trust and faith in Him and to develop a close personal relationship with Him and not be ashamed!

Oh, there will be trials and tribulations, but you know what?  He is always there, protecting, guiding, leading us and bringing us through to the other side full of blessings flowing abundantly! Through trials and tribulations we learn to trust Him and the rewards are beyond comprehension! You truly learn the meaning of ‘peace that passes all understanding’! I love my Daddy! I have faith in my Daddy and I trust my Daddy! My life is full, my life is rich, my life is full to overflowing with daily blessings!

We are a very happy, fulfilled, full of joy, peace and love family and we would love to welcome anyone who wants to join us, into our family for all eternity!

Have a truly blessed day!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ♡ ~

Week 16 1/2 ~ What is a Christian?

What is a Christian? Well, you can find all different definitions for what a Christian is, but what truly is a Christian?

First, if you have to go around telling people that you are a Christian, then you are not living like a Christian! A Christian is someone who loves Jesus with all their heart, soul, spirit and mind! Someone who wants to live their life being as much like Jesus as is humanly possible! Someone who can love people in spite of themselves; pray for them; forgive them and show them the way to an eternal life with Jesus. Oh, they’re not perfect and they know that, but they strive to be obedient to the Word of God and live accordingly! They are not ashamed of who they are in Christ Jesus. They are bold and stand up for God and His ways. And most importantly they walk in humility and love ~ not judging, not condemning but sharing!

A Christian is a servant, who loves to serve and help others without expecting anything in return! They are not seeking ‘recognition’, ‘praise’ or ‘glory’ for what they do. All the Glory belongs to God! They will stay in the background, praying for you, loving you and serving you without you having any knowledge of it. A Christian doesn’t have to tell anyone they are a Christian; it shows in the way they live their lives; the way they treat others; their words and what they stand for ~ in  other words the fruit of their lives! A Christian doesn’t preach at you, they share what they have found through their faith and trust in God and help you to find it too! There is no jealousy or envy, but love and joy in your success to living a prosperous life in The Lord.

This is what a Christian really is! They are full of joy, a peace that passes all understanding, compassion, wisdom/discernment to know the difference between truth and deceit and a love for life and others that is sincere and unfailing! A personal, intimate relationship with The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. There is no worry or fear in a Christian. They know that God and God alone is their source and that He never leaves them or forsakes them! And the greatest thing of all is that they love you and want you to join their family and spend eternity with them in Heaven sitting at the Father’s feet! What a glorious day that will be!

Be blessed today and everyday abundantly by God!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ♡ ~

Week 15 ~ Prayers Are Answered!

Yesterday was a very busy day! Spring time in Texas brings beautiful new growth with lush, vibrant colors and new beginnings with new life! It also brings thunder storms and tornadoes!

My daughter called me and asked if I had seen the weather report (she knows I don’t have the TV on during the day)! There were some nasty cells approaching us. I turned on the TV and as we watched we started praying! My husband, her dad, was at Clark Gardens, west of Ft. Worth. To make a long story short…we each were watching a different station report, were praying and speaking to the funnel clouds developing and touching the ground commanding them back into the clouds and to dissipate! We commissioned angels over the people in their homes, cars traveling in the path of the storm, work places and pets not knowing what was happening! We covered our loved ones, family and friends, texted her brother who lives north of us and she was texting friends who were in places where they had no TV to see what was headed their way! We watched as the storm passed us by and continued praying and commanding! It was so awesome to see it retreat into the clouds and hear the weather man say, ‘well it might be reforming’! NOT! All this time I was tracking DH on my cell phone to see him headed back home! I tried to call him several times to get him to delay his trip home because he was heading into the storm, but he couldn’t hear his phone ringing with the rain and the radio! It was a very long day!

The Praise Report is, that though there were houses, property and ‘things’ destroyed, there were no lives lost and no fatal injuries!  There were interviews of people who were in bathtubs and closets praying, and when the storm was over, the only part of their home not devastated was where they had been! One woman was in her closet and afterwards she came out to find every part of her home flattened except her closet and she didn’t even have one scratch on her! One babysitting grandmother had 2 eighteen month old babies and a 3 year old in the bathtub with her and as the tornado tried to pull her grandson out of her arms she held onto his legs and saved all 3 babes and herself! Now tell me God doesn’t answer prayers!!!

Have an abundantly blessed day!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ♡ ~

Week 13 ~ I Am Thankful

I am thankful that each day is a new day! Yesterday and it’s challenges and temptations is gone! Tomorrow you can’t do anything about so don’t worry and fret about it! Today is here, so make the most out of it and count each blessing! Don’t look back and don’t look ahead! Today is the day for accomplishments, successes and triumphs!

Remember, yesterday is gone! Tomorrow never comes! There is only Today!

Have an abundantly blessed one too!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ♡ ~

Wk 3 1/2 ~ I Love God’s Word!

At this particular day and hour, my Pastor’s Daily Word is perfect for today! Have you ever noticed that when you are dealing with something in your life, that suddenly God puts the perfect Word right in front of you?

I don’t know what your political affiliation is and I don’t care, but I personally am tired, disgusted and praying against all the immorality, ignorance, sinfulness, ungodliness, Un-Constitutional, demonic (and yes, I said demonic) ways our great Nation, the United States of America, is being pulled down and attempting to be destroyed! This is God’s Nation, built by our forefathers on not just the Word of God, but on the Gospels of Jesus Christ!

I will not sit by and just fold my hands and sigh, “Oh, me!” NO!!! I am standing up for what I KNOW as a Child of God, a Believer and Follower of my Lord and Savior and a Joint Heir with Jesus Christ!

Here is my Pastor’s Daily Word for today! Thank You, Father, for always being there and always showing us the way!

Dealing With Distractions
“Looking away [from all that would distract] to Jesus, Who is the leader and the Source of our faith…Hebrews 12:2a Amplified Bible

Distractions…they are all around us. Colors here, voices there, things to do, people to see, calls to answer, food to cook, clothes to wash…and the list goes on. A distraction is defined as some thing or things that divide our attention with the potential of leading one into confusion. Spiritually speaking, distractions are things that keep us from focusing on the Lord and the things that He requires of us. Jesus tells us in Mark 4:19 that the cares, anxieties and distractions of this age have the ability to choke the Word out of our hearts and cause it to become unfruitful. One of the greatest ways to master distractions has to do with the way that we begin our day. Put the Lord and His Word FIRST before anything or anyone else…at the beginning of the day. Ask the Spirit of God to help your with setting your priorities for the day. As you do this you will find less issues with being distracted.”
Scripture reading: Luke 10:38-42; Psalm 63:1

God bless each and everyone of you!
Love and Blessings,

Change! Change! Change!

It seems that is all we hear in these times! Oh, don’t get me wrong…we definitely need a change in our government and our country…a change back to the principles, beliefs and ideals  our country was founded on! Back to our Constitution and the way it was written ~ By the People and For the People~, back to our morals and our faith, belief and trust in God!

I am talking about our trying to change other people! When you fell in love with your spouse, did you fall in love with the person they were or did you fall in love with the person you were going to change them into? The truth of the matter is that we are the ones that need to change and for the good! We cannot change someone else, but we can change our self! We all have our faults and things that need to be changed! ‘We are the clay and our Father is the potter!’

When you let God show you what and how you need to change in you, you will find those around you begin to change too! Did you ever hear the saying, “Actions speak louder than words!”? Well, when others see your fruit turn to sweet and ripe rather than sour and unfruitful, they will change! When you are kind and have the joy of the Lord and let His love shine through you, your countenance will be infectious and your harvest overflowing with love, happiness and blessings! Have a blessed day beyond measure!

Love and Blessings,


For a Special Couple

This is to a Special Couple ~ the parents of our Daughter In Love and also our dear friends. Yesterday was their 50th Anniversary and that is Special!  We know…we celebrated ours on Valentine’s Day! Happy 50th and here is to 50 more! ♡

Are You Satisfied With You?

There is so much today about how we should look, what size we should be, etc.  Now granted the world has become obese! Too many ‘fast food’ places; too many ‘super sized’ portions; too many electronic gadgets, etc.

It’s funny, but it’s not…we don’t get the exercise that we should with all the electronic devices that we ‘just have to have‘ and we have become obsessed with food…unhealthy, unnutritious, plaque building, artery blocking foods! Then we are told we all need to look like the anorexia looking stars and models!  What is the matter with us, People?  Have we become robots unable to think for ourselves or are we just brainwashed?

When I was a kid, and yes, that was a number of years ago, we had TV but weren’t allowed to watch it all day and night! We went outside and played! Active play!!! Rode our bicycles,  jumped rope, played chase, kick ball, etc! Oh, and we also used our imaginations! In other words our brains got exercise along with our bodies!

We had 3 meals a day…Breakfast, Lunch and Supper! The only snack we got was when we got home from school and it was usually fruit of some kind! Our meals were home prepared! Breakfast was cereal of some kind except on the weekends when mother would cook bacon, eggs, toast, etc.  Lunch was usually something light…a sandwich of some kind with fruit and very seldom chips! Supper was the main meal with meat, potatoes, salad and vegetables. We weren’t asked what we wanted to eat because we ate what mother had prepared! Desserts were saved for special occasions! Sundays were the day that the main meal was at noontime! Then something light in the evening for supper! Oh, and there were no ‘super sized’ portions either! A serving size was a serving spoon full of each thing and then you could have seconds! Plus there was no “I don’ like that“…not at my house! Mother saw to it that you had to take one bite of every and any thing she prepared!

All this to say, if we are not satisfied with who we are, then we need to take responsibility and change into who WE want to be! We don’t need diet plans that prepare and portion our food for us, trainers, pills or expensive equipment! We need to be in charge of who we are and take control over our lives. Women are made to have curves rather than having bones showing! We are meant to be active and able to walk, play and run (if you want to)! Families once played together! And families always ate together!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am taking my life back and gaining control of it! I need to lose weight, but most importantly I want to lose weight! Food, advertisements and temptations are not in control of me any longer! I want to be around for a looong time yet, to see my Granddarlings grown with families of their own and those Great Granddarlings grown with families of their own.

When we learn to take control of: what, when and how we eat, our exercise, whether walking, running or working out, we will be satisfied with ourselves. Don’t compare ourselves to others…God made each of us unique! With His guidance and help we can do any and all things! You see, His promise is long life, but we have to do our part too! Are you with me? 🙂

Love and Blessings,


Integrity or Pride?

Which do you operate in…Integrity or Pride?

Definition of integrity: “Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. The state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire. A sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition.”

Now definition of pride: “A high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.

This is what God’s Word says of integrity:”May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, LORD, is in you. Psalm 25:21″ and pride: “Let their lying lips be silenced, for with pride and contempt they speak arrogantly against the righteous. Psalm 31:18

What brought this all about? Well, let me explain myself to you…I am a wife, mother, mother-in-love and MiMi (grandmother) of 5 precious Granddarlings. I am also a born again, spirit filled Believer! Now if anyone comes against my husband, children, children-in-love or Granddarlings, I become like a mama cat with her kittens! Back arches, hair bristles and razor sharp claws come out! (Not a pretty site! :}) Fortunately I have learned over the years Who I am in Christ Jesus and have been transformed by the renewing of my mind! 🙂   Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2” So now, instead of using my razor sharp claws to slash to pieces the evil one, I pray for them! Hehehe! This infuriates satan and benefits the one who is allowing themselves to be used by him! 🙂

I do so love to watch God work and see how He turns things that satan means for evil into BLESSINGS! satan knows not to mess with my loved ones, you don’t touch my family! He is such a wimp! He is a liar, thief, manipulator but is not too bright! So all I have to do is remind him again where he is spending eternity…HELL, HOT, HOT HELL!

So everyone who follows Debbi’s Blog…pray, pray, pray and be sure to use The Name of Jesus! satan can’t stand that name, he can’t stand prayers and he runs as fast as his short legs will take him, as far away as he can! See satan likes pride but hates integrity!

Have a Wondrous Blessed Day!

Love and Blessings, ~Judy♡~

How Old Are You?

“How old are you?” Do you ever get that question? What does age mean to you? Our society is consumed with age and their idea of age! There are more plastic surgeries in these times than ever! Have you ever considered why they call it ‘plastic’ surgery? 🙂

What is ‘age’ anyway? When you reach a certain age, people look at you differently! That certain age is ‘retirement age’, ‘senior citizen age’, etc. Have you ever wondered what the term elderly refers too? You may see on a sign on the highway or on the news where an elderly person is missing! What does this mean, what do they consider elderly?  Now here is a definition of old age:

“Old age (also referred to as one’s eld) consists of ages nearing or surpassing the average life span of human beings, and thus the end of the human life cycle. Euphemisms and terms for old people include seniors (American usage), senior citizens (British and American usage) and the elderly. Old people have limited regenerative abilities and are more prone to disease, syndromes, and sickness than other adults. The boundary between middle age and old age cannot be defined exactly because it does not have the same meaning in all societies. People can be considered old because of certain changes in their activities or social roles. Examples: people may be considered old when they become grandparents, or when they begin to do less or different work—retirement.”  Now isn’t this interesting? 🙂

Okay, I am a MiMi (grandmother) of 5 wonderful Granddarlings! I no longer have to work in ‘Corporate America’, Thank God, and I love and enjoy life to it’s fullest!  I have not been to a doctor in 20+ years; I take no medicine…not even aspirin..get no ‘flu vaccinations, and don’t get sick! I walk and live in DIVINE HEALTH!

I learned a long time ago that Jesus took on Himself all of my sicknesses, diseases, infirmities and sins when He went to the cross! I also learned that stress and worry are not from God but from satan! Worry and stress, which is brought about by worry, can and do bring on all kinds of sickness and disease! Jesus took on my sickness so why would I want to take it back? I once was a worrier…about everything including being ‘too happy’! Then I learned that God is my Source for every need, desire and want…not man and certainly not me! I learned to TRUST Him with everything in my life and I have found total peace, happiness, joy and fulfillment! I love life and living it 100%!

Now, back to ‘age’!  We are a spirit that lives in a housing called a body! Your spirit (the real you) does not age…it matures, not ages! Your body, the housing, is what ages, wrinkles, shrivels  and dries up. If you feed your body with nutritious foods, keep it hydrated with plenty of  water and keep it strong and agile with plenty of movement, you will slow down the ‘aging’ process of your body!  Have you ever felt like you were no older than 20 or 21, only to look in the mirror and be shocked? 🙂 Well, this is because the real you, your spirit is young…mature (hopefully) but young! Ever heard the saying, ‘you’re only as old as you feel’? Well, that is true! Fortunately, I come from a family of young feeling, acting, living people! I remember my Nana at the age of 90 looking in the mirror and saying, ‘good gosh!’ When I asked her what was wrong she said ‘look at all those wrinkles’!  She was 90 years young and had less wrinkles than most people at 70! 🙂 If you listen to the ‘world’ it will make you ‘old’! Listen to your spirit, the real you, enjoy life…every minute of it…and most importantly get to know God intimately and learn to TRUST Him with every thing in your life! He knows your needs before you do and He loves you unconditionally!  Happy long healthy life to all of you! ♡

Love and Blessings, ~Judy♡~