Wow! Another Month!

Today is the first day of September! It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and next we will be getting ready for the Holidays! On one hand it has seemed like a long summer but that has been because of the extremely hot, dry summer we have had! Sixty something days of 100+ temperatures and most of those were well over 100℉! We have had the worst drought in history.  People have had to sell off cattle and horses because of the hay shortage; trees are losing their leaves as if it were Fall because of stress; yards are turning brown and we have had the worst wildfires ever!

Then on the other hand when you realize that this is September and Christmas is only a little over 3 months away, you wonder where the time has gone! Weeks are flying by like jet planes leaving only their vapors behind! My next thought is, “what have I accomplished during this time?”! Have I made a difference in any thing or any one? Is the world a little better because of something I have done for or something I have said to someone in this last 9 months?

Now I don’t mean some grand, praise worthy word or deed, but something that touched someone and made a difference in their day! I’m not looking for recognition or praise. I just want to know that I have put a smile on my Daddy’s face by allowing Him to use me to help someone.  You see, I am definitely my Daddy’s girl and one day I want to hear…”Well done, My faithful daughter!” I love my Daddy! ♡

Love and Blessings,