Week 5 ~ Continuation of ‘A Great Find’!

A couple of weeks ago I did a blog on ‘A Great Find’ and indeed it was. Today I am going to share some more photos of our treasure from that day! Enjoy!

The Barber Shop Exterior

The Barber Shop Interior

The General Store Exterior

And the General Store Interior

I hope you all enjoy these! It really was a treasure and we look forward  to going back again! Have an abundantly blessed week!

Love and Blessings,


Wk 3 ~ A Great Find ~

DH and I love to find quaint, old, historic places to capture with our Canons! He heard of a place that was actually only 1 1/2 hours away from us, so last Friday we decided to check it out! What a marvelous find it was! It is a Heritage Park of 3 city blocks in a quaint little town east of us! The really awesome thing about this one is that each building is furnished with artifacts of the period and there are no barricades, ‘chicken wire’ screens or plexiglass partitions blocking you from the room. Each building is locked and you have to pay (a whopping $5.00!) for a tour where a sweet little lady named Mary unlocks the building and lets you go inside to see up close the wonderful treasures there! She is a delight and so full of information, it is wonderful! It is a good thing that they keep everything locked up because there are foolish, destructive people out there that have no sense of history! I will share just a sampling of the treasures we found! 🙂 Who knows…another day, another week, I may share more! 🙂

Today I am showing you the outer beauty of our find! Another day I will reveal what lays inside! So stay tuned! Hehehe! 🙂 🙂 🙂 PS  There is Mary!

Have a Blessed Day filled with Love,


Wk 2 ~ Good Memories ~

Last week my DH and I went on a day trip capturing memories and stories with our Canons! We love traveling around our state to find historic places that were once a vital part of building the great state of Texas.  These photos were taken in Baird, Texas which is about 129 miles west of where we live.

This is not only a historic little town but it also meant something special to me.  You see, we love old Courthouses, Forts and Train Depots! Well, during WWII and years afterwards, my dad was a Passenger Representative for T&P Railroad! He rode the troop trains during the war and after the war he still rode the trains doing his job. He eventually worked for Missouri Pacific which had merged with Texas and Pacific. The reason this site means a lot to me is because my dad would stop at this station on his way west.

I never was overly fond of history in school because it was boring, but I love visiting history! Even as a child I could almost hear the Indians, see smoke signals and picture covered wagons and horses with riders traveling the countryside! Well, things haven’t changed! I still can!!! So when we visited Baird’s T&P Train Station I could picture my dad in his younger days stopping at this station and then re-boarding the train and waving from the back! 🙂

Meeting Again…

Yesterday was the day that I saw my cousin who I hadn’t seen in 51 years! We are only 9 months apart and had a lot of fun growing up.  Her family moved to Alaska with her dad’s work and then we only got to see each other when she would come back and visit during the summer. When we grew up and each got married we lost contact.

She and her husband live in Pennsylvania now and came back for his high school reunion. It was so good to get together and do our remembering of fun, family times and our family members that are no longer here! The time went too quickly!

When we parted, we made a vow to not lose our connection again! Time stood still in that 3 hours of remembering and we laughed and were kids again! We once were a large family, but now are small and scattered across the country! We all have a tendency to get so busy running and living our lives that we forget the important things in life…family!

We will stay in touch and talk often, even with thousands of miles between us! You see…blood is thicker than water…and we have learned how important we are to each other ~ We are FAMILY! ♡

Hug someone today and let them know you love them! 🙂

Love, Blessings and Hugs,