Week 7 ~ Everyday is Valentine’s Day!

Fifty-one years ago today I was blessed to become a Valentine! Yes, a real, true, ‘honest to goodness’ Valentine! Paul Valentine chose me to be his Valentine on Valentine’s Day 1961 ~ for real!

Now in our family, everyday is Valentine’s Day, but it’s nice to have people around the world celebrate it with us every February 14th! 🙂 We are now a family of 11 in our Valentine family ~ 2 grown children; 2 ‘children in love’ (1 of whom carries the Valentine name); 5 granddarlings (4 that actually carry the name of Valentine) and Paul and me!

It is truly a blessing to be a Valentine and really makes you feel ‘special‘! So from our happy home filled with love to yours we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

We are looking forward to the next 49 years! 🙂

Love and Blessings,


For a Special Couple

This is to a Special Couple ~ the parents of our Daughter In Love and also our dear friends. Yesterday was their 50th Anniversary and that is Special!  We know…we celebrated ours on Valentine’s Day! Happy 50th and here is to 50 more! ♡

Meeting Again…

Yesterday was the day that I saw my cousin who I hadn’t seen in 51 years! We are only 9 months apart and had a lot of fun growing up.  Her family moved to Alaska with her dad’s work and then we only got to see each other when she would come back and visit during the summer. When we grew up and each got married we lost contact.

She and her husband live in Pennsylvania now and came back for his high school reunion. It was so good to get together and do our remembering of fun, family times and our family members that are no longer here! The time went too quickly!

When we parted, we made a vow to not lose our connection again! Time stood still in that 3 hours of remembering and we laughed and were kids again! We once were a large family, but now are small and scattered across the country! We all have a tendency to get so busy running and living our lives that we forget the important things in life…family!

We will stay in touch and talk often, even with thousands of miles between us! You see…blood is thicker than water…and we have learned how important we are to each other ~ We are FAMILY! ♡

Hug someone today and let them know you love them! 🙂

Love, Blessings and Hugs,


Happy Valentine’s Day from A Real Valentine!

Today is a day celebrated around the world, but to me it is the second most special day of the year, with Christmas being first! You see on this special day in 1961 Paul Valentine made me his Valentine! That’s right…today we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary! It doesn’t even begin to feel like 50 years, it feels more like 20 or 30!  Where does time go so quickly?

Of course, we do have 2 grown children, 2 ‘in-love’ children and 5 granddarlings to show for this time! We have the best daughter and son that any parent could ever ask for! They have developed and matured into awesome, God loving, generous, strong, faithful, high integrity adults with the perfect mates for life and produced the most wonderful God loving Granddarlings that God has ever created! We are so blessed!

I truly have the most wonderful husband, family and life! Oh, we have had struggles, weathered storms and had bad days as well as good, but through it all we have come out on the other side and have the strongest marriage anyone could ever have! We are healthy, happy, content with our lives and look forward to the next 50! 🙂

To have a good strong marriage you first have to have a good strong friendship! You may start out with just ‘being in love’, but for it to last a lifetime, you need to develop that friendship! You have to enjoy each others company and fill your lives with lots of laughter and Sonshine! Always look at the glass 1/2 full and never let the spirit of negativeness in your home! Our love has grown, matured, strengthened and developed into an unconditional love…a love like God’s! I know that our children will celebrate their 50th anniversaries too because their mates/spouses were prayed for and then hand picked by God for them! They have not only that love for each other, they also are each others’ best friends!

So, I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! We Valentines are proud of our Day and are happy to share it will the whole world! 🙂 ♡

Love, Blessings and Hugs,

Judy ♡

Valentine's Day 1961

The Valentine Clan

50 Years Later!