I am Blessed Beyond Measure! Hallelujah!

I am so blessed beyond measure!!! It was 11 years ago this past May when I was talking to my Daddy and asked Him to show me what my gift was! I know that He gives each of us our own unique gift but I didn’t know what mine was! Well, exactly one week later He showed me!!!

My gift was photography!!! Never, Ever would I have thought that was what it was! Now Paul has always been a photographer! He was raised in his mother’s darkroom! Hehehe! But me??? Well, I thanked my Daddy and asked Him to always let me see the beauty around me through His eyes and to listen to His leading and teaching me in using my gift from Him.

When I was younger, I always liked to sketch and I loved Nature ~ God’s Masterpiece! I loved the trees, the clouds, the flowers, the grass even, anything to do with nature! It was my dream to one day be able to paint all of that on canvas! Well, guess what!!! Now, with My Daddy’s gift to me, I can paint that and more with my camera!

You see, Photography is my passion! My love! My precious Gift from my Daddy and I give Him all the Glory for it. I don’t just ‘snap’ pictures and then photoshop them! No, I process them with the love and passion I have been given and create a ‘painting’ telling a story of what I see Thru My Daddy’s Eyes!

I love taking ‘Street Photos’ of people and while I am processing them my Daddy shows me the heart of those people, the beauty of them that others don’t always see, their character and who they truly are from within, not outward only!

I am truly blessed beyond measure and along with this gift comes an appreciation for other photographers and the gift they have been given. Each of us sees things differently and that’s what makes it so wonderful! I saw something the other day that is so true about each of us.

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them!!”

Thank You, Daddy! And may I always see things through Your eyes and Your heart!

Love and Blessings Always,
~ Judy ~

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