Clark Gardens, the Legacy of Billie Clark



Billie Clark was the wife of Max Clark. They were a great pair. Together they built and ran their own construction company. I never met Billie in person, but I feel like I have known her for years from everything I have heard of her from Max, John Holder (the man that worked along side her to build Clark Gardens) and the staff that helped build the Gardens from the beginning.  She was a strong woman, who knew what she wanted, but yet generous and caring for not only her family but also the staff who she considered family too!

She and Max started out as a young couple with not much at all and together built from the ground up their construction company.  They lived in a trailer and traveled where the work took them along with their 2 young daughters. Over the years their construction company grew and prospered. Then around the early ’70’s they bought land, rugged pasture land that was nothing but rock and Mesquite trees, in Cool, Texas in Parker County.

Clark Gardens started out as a private garden in 1972 – a small personal garden on this rugged Texas hillside,  The Gardens was a dream and vision of Billie Clark, who designed the Gardens, John Holder, who worked side by side with Billie to construct the Gardens and Max Clark who provided the funding and support of the Gardens.

The first major project was the Channel Gardens, inspired by a visit to England’s Channel Gardens by Max and Billie!

From there the Gardens grew. The Rock Saw which is on display at Emerald Lake is responsible for the shape and layout of the Gardens today!


The beautiful trees that you see throughout the Gardens were planted by Max, Staff and/or birds!

The entire Gardens is a place of beauty and tranquility where you can feel the Presence of God and tune out the crazy, evilness that tries to overtake our lives and thoughts today.  One of my favorite places is the Clark Gardens Train Station, which would not be there today if not for Billie Clark! She is the one who wanted the Train Station. You see Billie’s vision include families, hers and others too! Thank you, Billie!

A few other scenes from Clark Gardens! Yes, this is Billie Clark’s Legacy and I am very thankful to her.  I can sense her in every piece of beauty I see! Thank you, Billie, for your vision, your dreams and your perseverance!