How We See Others

Our world today has become so materialistic and so judgmental that looking and listening to others has made me stop and think! How do we see others and do we really see the person?  In other words do we look at the clothes they wear, how they dress, the kind of car they drive, the house they live in, the neighborhood they live in, how much money they have or do we look to see the person on the inside of the window dressings or lack of?

Two of my mother’s favorite says when I was growing up were…”Pretty is As Pretty Does” and “Beauty is Only Skin Deep”. Well over the years I have learned that those sayings are so very, very true! I was very blessed to have a mother who wasn’t prejudiced or judgmental of a person’s outward appearance. She would feed you and give you whatever you needed no matter how much money you did or didn’t have or what you looked like! She saw the true person on the inside!

The ‘Beauty is Only Skin Deep’ was revealed to me in a lot of different situations, but one that is dearest to my heart is the one that was Mrs. Carter.  She was the wife of my husband’s Regional Manager and also a relative of my father-in-law’s employee.  We were invited to their house one eventing. Now Mrs. C had had a stroke that left one side of her face disfigured. As I was introduced to her, I looked into her eyes and I saw one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen.  As we talked and got acquainted it was like looking into her spirit. Then it came to me ~ ‘Beauty is Only Skin Deep’!  I only met her that one time face to face, many, many years ago, but to this day I can still see her beauty!

I have also known quite a few people that were absolutely beautiful on the outside, but when you saw how they treated others, how they lived their lives or how they talked, then you knew that the expression ‘Pretty is As Pretty Does’ was also true ! 🙂

I grew up surrounded by a lot of wealthy, ‘big named’ people and I learned at a very early age not to judge people by what they ‘have’ materially! The money and material possessions don’t make the person!  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I learned also at a very early age about snobs and hypocrites!  Usually  the ones whose wealth came from starting out with nothing and working and building into abundance were the nicest, most sincere, most generous, honest people. The snobs and hypocrites were the ones whose wealth was ‘handed to them’ and they never had to work for anything or the ones who didn’t have much but wanted everyone to think they did! 🙂

Here is an example of someone we knew years ago who was the pharmacist in the small town we lived in Mississippi.  He not only had the largest ‘Drug Store’, but also the busiest! He was a very wealthy man! He never flaunted his wealth, he was down to earth and one of the kindest, most generous men in town! Now he had a very nice home but it wasn’t a ‘castle’ to show the world how much money he had, he had several airplanes and he, his wife and his children (grown and/or almost grown) each drove one of the finest, most expensive brand name automobiles made at that time. One day, he drove to the largest city in Mississippi to one of the largest dealers of this brand of automobile to buy a new one for his wife. Now, his attire did not yell ‘I am rich’! He had on jeans, a nice sport shirt and looked like any ordinary, plain fellow walking into the car dealership! He walked in, looked around at the different models and out of the several salesmen standing around not one came to ask if they could help him! Finally after spending a good bit of time looking and waiting for a salesman to help him, he started to leave. He walked up to one of the salesmen and told him that he had come to buy a new car for his wife, but since no one showed any interest he would take his business elsewhere. Then he pulled the CASH out of his back pocket that he had to make his purchase with, showed it to them and left to never return again! Moral: Never Judge Someone By Appearance!

We all judge, jump to conclusions about people we don’t know and too many times don’t look to see the real person on the inside!  God made us ALL in His image and He doesn’t make junk! It’s up to us to take the time to ‘look into the eyes of the person’ and to maybe even ‘walk in their shoes’ before we form an opinion of them! And the best of all is to let the Holy Spirit be our guide!  When we learn to listen to Him, we are never steered wrong!

Have an abundantly blessed and prosperous day!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ~