Your Gift

We each have been given a gift from God, even if you don’t know at this time what your gift is.  I always knew that God has placed in each of us our own unique gift, but for years I didn’t know what mine was. One day 7 years ago I asked Him to show me what my gift is and one week later He revealed it to me.  Over the last 7 years He has been teaching, guiding, fine tuning and developing  my gift and will continue to until the day I go Home. This is because this is what I have asked Him to do. I want to continue to grow and perfect my gift. Otherwise it will be wasted and after all, it is my gift from my Daddy!

Now, when I say we each have a unique gift, I don’t mean that we are the only ones who have it. For instance, there are those who have musical gifts and even though they may play the same instrument or sing the same song as someone else, their style and their talent is unique and there is a difference! The same goes for artists who paint, sculpture, draw, sketch, etc. For those in ministering or working with people in different situations, each is unique in their gift.  In photography, there are so many different types and styles and yet each photographer has a unique gift. We need to cherish and be thankful for our gift.

Too many times we may compare ourselves to others who have gifts in the same ‘category’ as ours, and even feel we aren’t as good as someone else! This is wrong! When we do this we are insulting our Daddy! He gave each of us a unique gift and we need to learn to recognize and be thankful for it! It may be the way we hear something; the way we have of saying something or the way of seeing something! We need to use the Passion we have for our gift and let it shine through no matter what our gift is.  Learn to appreciate others with the same or like gift; share with each other and learn from each other. Praise each others work and be happy for them for what they are accomplishing. We are all blessed and we are all Unique!

Have a Wonderfully Blessed Day!

Love and Blessings Always,

~ Judy ~

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A Little About Who I Am

For those of you who don’t know me, I thought I would give you a brief description of who I am! 🙂

Hi, I am Judy! I am a Child of God, a wife, married to a wonderful man for 52 years, mother of 2 grown children and 2 children-in-love who are compassionate, God loving/living children , Debbi/David and Skip/Sara,  MiMi of the 5 greatest granddarlings God ever created, sister, aunt and friend to many!  My passions are my Lord Jesus, my family (both 2 legged & 4), Nature, God’s canvas for His greatest Masterpiece and photography to capture and have forever memories! ♡

I am not an amateur nor am I a professional photographer! I am a passionate, ever learning, always experimenting, always improving (hopefully) photographer and artist! I enjoy capturing, with my camera, the beauty around me in things that I see through my Daddy’s eyes  and sharing  it with others.  I want my photographs to tell a story and to radiate with the love, beauty and compassion that I see in them!

Photography is an art! Instead of using brushes, oils and canvas to paint a fine painting, I use my camera!God blessed me with this gift and the passion for it! He is constantly guiding and teaching me through other photographers.  We are all unique and can learn from each other! I love to watch my Daddy work in my life every day! 🙂 It is so much fun to see how much He loves His children and how much He does for us each and every day!

I love life and I love living it! I hate negativeness and won’t tolerate lying! I always look at the glass 1/2 full and never 1/2 empty! I am never bored.  I love laughter, children’s especially, gentle rains and rain storms…no hail or high winds, animals of all kinds, but especially our Dolly, Rosie, Sissi, Desi and Serena; Debbi’s Lucy and Skip’s Trusty!

Life is beautiful, if you don’t listen to the news, politicians or doomsayers! When you feed on the Word of God; believe what He says in His Word and trust Him, then you develop that very close, personal relationship with Him and KNOW that He is your source for everything in your life! He is your Daddy and is not only always there for you, He is always there with you! He created you in His image! You have a ‘first name’ relationship! 🙂  Life is short, so please slow down, look around at the beauty all around you and enjoy each blessing that comes your way. Share God’s love with others through your smile and just by being you!

Have a Wonderfully Blessed Day!

Love and Blessings,

Harbored Souls Rescue, An Added Gift From God

God is so good! It has been 7 years since I asked Him to reveal what my gift is from Him! That’s when I discovered my gift of photography and my passion for it. I’ve never looked at my gift as a way of making ‘a living’ or becoming ‘famous’. No, I am not a Professional Photographer (one who makes their livelihood from their photography), I am an Amateur Photographer/Hobby Photographer. The title Professional does not mean that a photographer with that title produces any higher quality photographs than one without that title! It simply means that they charge for their work and it is how they make their living!

Nature, landscapes, flowers, sky, clouds, trees, waters, any of God’s greatest masterpiece is where my passion lies, but I am always eager to learn, to improve, to grow and to see what my Daddy has in His plans for me. Around 2 years ago He opened a new door for me.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE animal lover. Three years ago my Saydee, my constant companion and best friend of 14 ½ years left me to go live with Jesus and I had an enormous hole in my heart to fill! During this time I discovered Harbored Souls Rescue.

To make a long story short…I found my ‘heart hole filler’, my Sissi and I made friends with Karen LaCaze Dussel, the founder and owner of Harbored Souls Rescue. This is, in my opinion, the best  Rescue around. Everyone  involved, Karen plus Foster Moms and Dads, love these precious creatures and bring them into their homes to teach them to trust again, to heal their wounds and show them that they are loved and very special.   They come out of the shelters scared, some sick, untrusting, and not understanding what had happened to them.  They are made ready for their Forever Home and Family and live out their lives surrounded with the unconditional love they deserve.  I followed HSR on Facebook, watching the precious dogs they rescued and found homes for. Then about 2 years ago, Karen, contacted me to see if I would be interested in helping them out by taking photos of the dogs they had for adoption at the Adoption Events and the “Happy Ending” photos of the dogs with their new family when they were adopted! Now I was at that time, a Nature Photographer, but I said yes because of my love for dogs! This opened another door for my gift and I am so grateful! Now I want to share a few of the precious 4-legged children I have had the privilege of photographing!

Waiting to see what my Daddy has planned next! There is no limitation with Him!

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Have a blessed day!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ~

Some Favorite Memories of 2013

I just want to share some memories of 2013 through my photos! I capture the memories and paint them with my camera! Enjoy!

JVP_20130805_harboredsoulsrescue4095 JVP_20130425_BluebonnetTrails9013 JVP_20130314_FWStockyards4730 JVP_20131119_ClarkGardens7041 JVP_20130613_SightsAroundTexas2166-2 JVP_20131217_ClarkGardens0267 IMG_1496 JVP_20131217_ClarkGardens0174 JVP_20131130_ClarkGardens7128

I hope some of these put a smile on your face!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ~

A New Year 2014 ~ Moving Onward & Not Looking Back!

A new year that is now in it’s 4th day! Some people are always making ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, which anyone seldom keeps!  When I look back at 2013, yes it had it’s challenges and it’s trials, but it also had it’s rewards.  Besides, last year is gone and so we move on! I have never been one that is always saying, ‘Oh, I wish I had done ……..’ or ‘If only…….’! What was or was not done or said yesterday is gone, dead and buried! Tomorrows never come! There is only TODAY! IT IS ALWAYS TODAY!

We all need to strive to put the most into and get the most out of each day as it comes.  By that I mean, to be a blessing to as many as you can and to stop and appreciate the people and the beauty around you. Take time to smile at strangers; tell someone you love them; show appreciation to someone(s) for being a blessing(s) in your life  and most importantly take notice of the things that God is doing for you each day!

I love to watch God work in my life! Everyday there is something that puts a smile on my face and I KNOW that it was God! It can be little things such as finding something you have been looking for or thinking of someone you haven’t heard from in a long time and suddenly get a call, text or mail from that person! When you stop and take notice, you will be surprised at how many times in one day He has done something  just for you!  And when we share His love with someone, smile at a stranger, give someone a helping hand, are nice to someone who is rude, then we are doing something for Him! ❤ ‘Putting the most into and getting the most out of’ each day!

Have a blessed day and a blessed, above and beyond 2014!

Oh, I want to share some of my blessings from my Daddy with you!

Clark Gardens Botanical Park aka ‘God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas’


The Gift Shop


Oxbow Lake


The Garden’s Train Station

Covenant Love Christian Center, my Church Home


My Wonderful Family

Every Day is Valentine's Day!

And my new camera!


To capture all the beauty that surrounds me!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ~