TRY ~ This is one word which should have probably never been in our vocabulary!

That’s because people are not becoming like God, they are opening the door to the devil in their lives and becoming like him! Everything is about material things, money, looks, titles, positions and the list goes on and on! All of these things have become idols and God is placed on a shelf! When we make God first and foremost ~ top priority in our lives then He is FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT, these other superficial, temporary things are put on a shelf and it is surprising how wonderful are lives become. He is our Source, our Provider and when we learn to not only have faith, but to also TRUST Him, it is amazing how all our needs and desires are met!  Worry is replaced by a total peace that actually does pass all understanding!  And that’s my Word for Today!

Love and Blessings Today and Everyday!

~ Judy ~