Count Our Blessings

Today is such a beautiful day and so full of blessings. We need to concentrate on them instead of all the negative, evilness going on around us! I know who I am in Christ Jesus ~ I am the Righteousness of God ~ I am a Child of God, created in His image. I am loved by my Daddy and I am definitely my Daddy’s girl! He is my Source, my Provider, my Healer, my Everything! With Him nothing is impossible and without Him there is nothing ~ a void ~ a life of emptiness, loneliness, sorrow, unrest, fear and no peace!

My life is full of joy, laughter, love, peace, security and a knowing of who I am and where I am going for all eternity. I am so thankful that Jesus loves me enough to take upon Himself my sins, sicknesses, diseases, lack and any and everything that could ever come against me to the cross! He is my Lord, my Savior, my Friend, My Healer, my Advocate! Hallelujah! Have a Blessed Beyond Measure day! Jesus loves you and so do I!