Hico Texas ~ Where Everybody is Somebody

Paul and I  joined the Worldwide Photo Walk in historic Hico, Texas with leader Maureen Larnard. This was our first Photo Walk with Maureen and we will definitely join her again next year wherever that may be! The entire group was a great, friendly group of people! Of course there was a very special person there too…our darling daughter, Debbi and her friend, Carol, who we met for the first time and immediately fell in love with!

I love old historic towns with old homes, old downtown buildings, old everything! To me every old town with the buildings and homes of long ago are historic in their own way! They all have a story to tell! 🙂  The people in this particular little town were truly Texas friendly and hospitable! That is one thing about small towns, the people are down home friendly! It’s nice to get away from the big city rush where too many people are in a hurry, rude and impatient! And the people of Hico really live their motto of “Where Everybody is Somebody”!

I want to share some of the many photos I had a ball taking! I hope you Enjoy!

Love this Stone House!

3 Quaint Buildings! Love that old wringer washer too! 🙂

Look at the treasure I found! 🙂 After all it is a Photo WALK!

Inside the 1985 Opera! Look at that great ceiling! 🙂

Just a few of the antiques in the Homestead Antique Shop

And of course the Koffee Kup Restaurant where we all met at the end of the walk! Best icebox and meringue pies in the State of Texas!

We had a great day and there are more photos to come! We are each to enter one photo for a contest. If you will, you can help me decide which one to enter! I sure would appreciate it!

Have a great day and remember to share your smile and your love for Jesus everywhere you go!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ~

Unconditional Love

What is unconditional love? The meaning of the word unconditional in the dictionary is ‘not subject to any conditions’. God loves us unconditionally ~ He is unconditional love! He created man in His image with unconditional love, but man sinned by eating the forbidden fruit and allowed satan to enter into his life. When we receive Jesus Christ into our hearts as our Lord and Savior, then we can again learn to love unconditionally! There is one creation of God’s that is born with unconditional love and no matter how cruel man can be to them, they will still receive love from someone and in return love that person unconditionally!  I am sharing some pictures of these very special little ladies and gents with you in this blog! They are all looking for that someone to love unconditionally! That person can be you! 🙂

This is Honey and she is looking for someone to love, pamper and spoil her!

Cora ~ Have you ever seen a more adorable face? She is full of unconditional love! 🙂

Little Fox ~ An adorable little male Pom looking for love! 🙂

Enzo ~ A precious little long haired Chihuahua man! 🙂

Gabby ~ a very sweet, gentle little lady looking for love! 🙂

Millie ~ a beautiful, sweet Wheaten Terrier girl ready for her forever home! 🙂

Brody ~ A young Beagle/Hound mix! He’s a handsome young guy and is looking for a boy around 10 years old to run, play and go exploring with! 🙂

There is nothing like a rescue friend! They love unconditionally, are loyal and so appreciative to the family that provides the forever home they are looking for! To find out more about these furbabies and others go to harboredsoulsrescue.weebly.com  Tell Karen that Judy sent you! 🙂

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Love and Blessings,

~ Judy ~