Living a Thankful Life Daily!

This time of year we hear so much about being thankful, love, giving, but how many of us truly are all those things and not just at this time of year but all year long? Have you noticed that people are more rude, inconsiderate and have no respect or appreciation for others? There is more selfishness and greed! Now it seems it is all about materialistic things and ‘what can I get‘ and ‘what I want’!

I was taught to respect others, especially my ‘elders’, be grateful for what we had and to love and appreciate family and friends! My parents also believed in the Bible and one scripture in particular they lived by was Proverbs 13:24! “He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly.” They didn’t read and go by those ‘how to raise children’ books by people who had no children! No, they read the Good Book aka the Bible! And boy, did they love us! 🙂

Everyone is so busy and in such a hurry! We need to slow down and take notice of people and things around us! Share a smile with a stranger, be kind to someone who is grouchy or rude, tell those around you that you love them and/or appreciate them. Show some kindness to others ~ let the love of Jesus shine through you! You never know what someone else is going through. Your smile or kind word came make a huge difference in their life and you will never know it!

Most importantly, always tell your family and friends that you love them, show them appreciation and respect, help them out in times of stress and frustration, laugh with them, make fun, happy memories with them because they won’t always be around. When they are gone don’t be the person who is filled with regrets and ‘if only’s’, ‘I wish I had’s’ and ‘if I only had it to do over again’s’.  Instead be the person who is filled with warm, happy memories, lots of smiles and laughter and a heart of love knowing that they knew that you loved them too!

Have a lifetime of love, laughter, Sonshine and warm happy memories!   

Love and Blessings Always,


God’s Divine Beauty

JVP_20111108-3058 by TheFathersCreations
JVP_20111108-3058, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

God’s beauty is all around us! We just have to open our eyes!

Autumn at Emerald Lake, Clark Gardens

Autumn at Emerald Lake, Clark Gardens by TheFathersCreations
Autumn at Emerald Lake, Clark Gardens, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

Autumn leaves are falling and the trees are beginning to show their true character! Beautiful time of the year!

The Clark Gardens RockSaw

JVP_20111108-3124 by TheFathersCreations
JVP_20111108-3124, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

This is the instrument that in more ways than one built Clark Gardens!

Fall at “God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas” aka Clark Gardens!

JVP_20111108-3190 by TheFathersCreations
JVP_20111108-3190, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

One of the most beautiful places in Texas showing off it’s Fall colors!

Change! Change! Change!

It seems that is all we hear in these times! Oh, don’t get me wrong…we definitely need a change in our government and our country…a change back to the principles, beliefs and ideals  our country was founded on! Back to our Constitution and the way it was written ~ By the People and For the People~, back to our morals and our faith, belief and trust in God!

I am talking about our trying to change other people! When you fell in love with your spouse, did you fall in love with the person they were or did you fall in love with the person you were going to change them into? The truth of the matter is that we are the ones that need to change and for the good! We cannot change someone else, but we can change our self! We all have our faults and things that need to be changed! ‘We are the clay and our Father is the potter!’

When you let God show you what and how you need to change in you, you will find those around you begin to change too! Did you ever hear the saying, “Actions speak louder than words!”? Well, when others see your fruit turn to sweet and ripe rather than sour and unfruitful, they will change! When you are kind and have the joy of the Lord and let His love shine through you, your countenance will be infectious and your harvest overflowing with love, happiness and blessings! Have a blessed day beyond measure!

Love and Blessings,


Fall at Oxbow!

Fall at Oxbow! by TheFathersCreations
Fall at Oxbow!, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

Contrary to a popular misconception, we do have trees in Texas and we do have Fall colors too! You just have to get out of the city to see them! 🙂

No Regrets!

Are you a “I should have”, “I wish I had” or “I could have” type of person? I had a very dear uncle whose conversations were always, “Well, I should have” or “Well, I could have” or “I sure wish I had”! Instead of seeing what he had done it was always what he should, could or wish he had done! And he actually had accomplished a lot in his life, but he didn’t see it! 😦

With the days, weeks, months and years seeming to be quickly flying by it made me think! (There I go again…thinking! :{ ) We all get so ‘busy’ doing ‘busy’ things, do we ever stop and take notice of the things that are really important? When is the last time you told someone close to you that you love them? When was the last time you called that friend or relative you were thinking of just to say ‘hello’? These are the things that are most important and that we are mostly likely to regret when it is too late! Oh, we say, “Oh, they know I love them or how important they are to me!” How do they know if you don’t take the time to tell them??? I was privileged to be with my mother for months while she was slowly preparing to move to her mansion in Heaven! During that time we got to talk, share and remember together. I got to tell her how much I loved her and was grateful and thankful that she was my mother because it was her raising me the way she did that made me the person I am today! We also got to talk about Heaven, how wonderful, beautiful and awesome it is! She actually asked me if I would go with her and I told her my bags were packed for whenever Jesus summons me! I also told her that our love would live forever and I would ask Jesus to give her a hug for me when I was missing her! You see, I know He does and she has gotten a lot of Jesus hugs! 🙂

Take the time today to tell someone, “I love you” or “I just want to thank you for being in my life”. Share a hug, a smile, a memory, a kind word. Call someone and if they don’t answer, leave an ‘I love you or Thank you for being you’ message!

When my mother drew her last breath here on earth, I cried not because I had any regrets but because I knew that she was with Jesus…young, healthy, happy, running through fields of green chasing butterflies! Instead of being a ‘I should have, could have, wish I had’ person, be a ‘I am so thankful I did’ person! If you are reading this…I love you and I am so thankful to have you in my life and I truly appreciate your stopping by to see what I see Thru My Daddy’s Eyes!

Love and Blessings


Beauty All Around

JVP_20111018-2723 by TheFathersCreations
JVP_20111018-2723, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

There is beauty all around us! We just have to open our eyes to see!♡