Fall Is In The Air!

I am so happy…Fall is in the Air! There are more and more signs every day! Hallelujah! I am  going to share some of those signs with you that I captured at Clark Gardens last Tuesday! Now these ‘children’ are called Scarecrows, but these guys are definitely not scare anything! They are cute, friendly and happy go lucky! Enjoy… I did! 🙂

Have a Blessed Fall Day! 🙂

Love and Blessings,


Do You See the Beauty…

Do you see the beauty around you or do you only see the ugly? When my Daddy blessed me with His gift of photographing Nature, I prayed, “Father, please let me see the beauty around me through Your eyes.”  He always answers our prayers! When people started noticing my photographs, I would have a smile in my heart whenever anyone would say, “You have such a good eye”! You see it’s not my eyes seeing the beauty around me…it’s my eyes seeing it through His eyes!

In the beginning I was asking to see the beauty around me in Nature through His eyes, but it soon changed to seeing the beauty in everything around me through my Daddy’s eyes! You see, I learned a long time ago to be specific when I ask my Daddy for something! I don’t want to see everything through His eyes, because He sees the beauty, the love, the goodness, but He also sees the ugly, the hatred and the evil! It is too easy for all of us to see the latter with our own eyes!

I have always been known as a person who loves laughter, who looks at the glass 1/2 full, etc, etc, but I am also a very strong person who does not like hypocrites, lying, immorality, etc. and unfortunately don’t mind letting you know it! Now that I have asked my Daddy to let me see the beauty in everything around me I find myself not noticing all the ugliness as much!

God is so GREAT! He does answer our prayers! I am so happy to be my Daddy’s Girl! Now I would like to share some of the beauty I have seen around me through my Daddy’s eyes! You can see a lot more at www.thefatherscreations.com

Love and Blessings,


Purple Rose for Debbi! ♡

Purple Rose for Debbi by TheFathersCreations
Purple Rose for Debbi, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

I took this photo specifically for my daughter, whose very, very, very favorite color is purple! 🙂

Meeting Again…

Yesterday was the day that I saw my cousin who I hadn’t seen in 51 years! We are only 9 months apart and had a lot of fun growing up.  Her family moved to Alaska with her dad’s work and then we only got to see each other when she would come back and visit during the summer. When we grew up and each got married we lost contact.

She and her husband live in Pennsylvania now and came back for his high school reunion. It was so good to get together and do our remembering of fun, family times and our family members that are no longer here! The time went too quickly!

When we parted, we made a vow to not lose our connection again! Time stood still in that 3 hours of remembering and we laughed and were kids again! We once were a large family, but now are small and scattered across the country! We all have a tendency to get so busy running and living our lives that we forget the important things in life…family!

We will stay in touch and talk often, even with thousands of miles between us! You see…blood is thicker than water…and we have learned how important we are to each other ~ We are FAMILY! ♡

Hug someone today and let them know you love them! 🙂

Love, Blessings and Hugs,


Talk About Cuteness! :)♡

Talk About Cuteness! :)♡ by TheFathersCreations
Talk About Cuteness! :)♡, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

This is ‘MiMi’s Little Caboose’ ~ the last car on the train! He is the youngest and last of my 5 adorable Granddarlings! He loves to have his picture taken, can you tell? 🙂

Campaign Time ~ Oh, Glory~

It is that wonderful time again ~ Campaign Time! What are you looking for in a candidate? If you are looking for perfect you are not thinking straight! First of all there was only one perfect one and His name is Jesus! 🙂

I am looking for honesty, strength, experience, sense of humor, ability to admit mistakes, love for our country and above all some one who loves Jesus and is not inhibited or ashamed! Now that is what I am looking for! No one is perfect and may the one person who never made a mistake ‘be the first to cast the stone’! I want to hear what the candidate is going to do for our country with the people and for the people! No president can do it by him/her self alone!

I also want someone who is not going to sling mud at others, but stand on their accomplishments, their goals and their ideals! Is this asking too much? Now slinging mud and constantly blaming each other is one thing that puts a big NO beside their name on my ballet! I also am looking for the ‘we’  instead of the consistent ‘I’ in their speech! I want someone who I can trust ( in politics, you ask???), respect~knowing that they, like each of us, will make mistakes, but also believing they will admit those mistakes with humility and most of all they have a love of and for God, Country and Life! These are my requirements!


God bless America and guide each and everyone of us in our voting for the person who will, along with God’s children, bring our Nation back to Him! Hallelujah! All Glory to God!

Love and Blessings, ~Judy♡~

Beautiful Bloom During the Drought

JVP_20110906_0445 by TheFathersCreations
JVP_20110906_0445, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

Beyond the Gate ~ more of God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas!

JVP_20110906_0344 by TheFathersCreations
JVP_20110906_0344, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

Peeping Through the Trees

JVP_20110906_0495 by TheFathersCreations
JVP_20110906_0495, a photo by TheFathersCreations on Flickr.

~How to Make a Differnce~

We all hear about ‘making a difference‘! Do you ever think, ‘how can I make a difference? I’m just an unknown!’ You may think you are unknown, but to God, your Daddy, you are special! You were created by The Creator Himself and in His own image! Now how more special can you get than that?

To make a difference you don’t have to be known to the world; you don’t have to be famous, have a lot of money or even have your name recognized by anyone! All you have to do is simply smile at someone when you see them, give them a friendly nod, say a kind word, be friendly! You will never know how your friendly smile might make someone’s day. Look them in the eye when you smile at them…make that connection that says, ‘Hi! I recognize you as a child of God and wish you a happy day!’ You may never see that person again and you may never know how your smile blessed them, but you have just shared the love of Jesus with someone and your Daddy knows it! 🙂

I hope this little fellow brings a smile to your face! 🙂

Smile and have an abundantly blessed day!

Love and Blessings,