My Sweet Invited Guest!

I just put my sweet guest, who was visiting me for the month of June, on his way to Washington State! I already miss him! He was a true gentleman and always had the most contagious smile on his face! He was the perfect guest. Always ready to go and willing to do what ever you asked of him! The month went by quickly for both of us! We had a good time, he made new friends and we made lots of memories together!

Let me introduce you to Manny, my new friend! He is the mascot of a photo forum that I belong to  and he is traveling all over the the USA plus Canada and England! I look forward to his return trip hopefully around February! 🙂

Soon after his arrival!

        He quickly learned how we start each day!

His first new friend, Serena!

Manny’s visit to be continued…

Open My Eyes, Help Me Believe I Am What You See!

This is a Praise song that we sang in church last Sunday! That one phrase spoke volumes to me! Think about it…we see ourselves one way and God sees us an entirely different way! We see all of our faults, our mistakes, our shortcomings … basically the bad and the ugly! God sees the person He created! The real person, the spirit, heart and soul person.  He sees the love, the compassion, the faith, hope, promise and potential in us.  He sees the inner person, not the outer superficial one.

So many times we are so quick to judge others, but we are good at judging ourselves even more! Our Daddy loves us so much and He knows we are not perfect, but He is always working with us to fine tune and refine us! He takes us, the pot made of clay, and can reshape, repair, and make us into a golden vessel, but we have to do our part. We have to  put ourselves completely in His hands and bend to the shape He wants us to be! Have you ever watched a potter working with clay and shaping it into the vessel the potter wants? One hunk of clay turns into a beautifully shaped object that is shaped with love, tenderness, patience and foresight.  This is how The Potter works with us!

Oh, yes, Lord, open my eyes, help me believe I am what You see!

Love and Blessings,