What Do You Treasure?

Have you ever really stopped to think what you treasure in your life? I remember as a child thinking of what I would grab if our home ever caught on fire!  What would it be?  Of course it was always my pet! 🙂

Now, what if God said to you, “I am taking everything away from you, but you can keep only one thing in your life!”  What would it be? Would it be your favorite jewelry, the old family Bible, a favorite possession passed down through your family, your home, your car???  What would it be?

We have become such a materialistic society! Recently we (my husband and I) toured a community of restored old homes, churches, schools, etc.  There were one-room log cabins, shotgun house, small homes  and then the ‘plantation’ home! All of these places had furnishings from that period and date too.  It was very interesting and really got me to thinking! The shotgun house was one room wide and 3 rooms deep! I had seen these throughout my life, but had never been in one! Oh, I had been in what had once been a shotgun house but was remodeled and enlarged! In this house there was a ‘living room’ complete with sofa, desk, treadle sewing machine, end table and chair in one half of the first room and then a bed, chair and wood burning stove in the second half of the same room.  In the second room were 2 beds (one at either end of the room), a chest of drawers, a trunk and a chair.  The third room was the kitchen complete with table and chairs, stove, ironing board, hutch for dishes and such, a churn and other kitchen necessities! Amazing! And most were made by the husband!Then there was the Victorian Home which I fell in love with.  It was warm and inviting with its white picket fence! And then the large Plantation Home with its elaborate furnishings including the pleated cloth wallpaper! 🙂

    Last but not least was the log cabin! These were generally one-room cabins where families lived, ate, slept and played with a loft upstairs for sleeping.  One place we had recently visited had a one-room log cabin which was the home of a husband and wife and their 14 children! Talk about a close family! 🙂

Now I am a nostalgic person with a wonderful imagination when it comes to old historic places! As I walked through these homes I could sense the families and their lives.  The Victorian Home and the Plantation Home had elaborate furnishings. You could sense the good lives these families had. The log cabins and their families had more difficult lives but they had something the others didn’t.  They had a love and appreciation for what they did have!

Now this brings me back to my original question…what do you treasure in your life? While I was trying to think of something to post in my Blog, I heard this question in my spirit! It got me to doing some serious thinking! Well, I treasure my family, my husband, our children, our children ‘in love’ and of course our granddarlings! I treasure our 4 legged children, my church family, my friends, our small but warm, cozy home and the list goes on and on! But what do I treasure more than any thing on earth? I treasure my love, faith and trust in God! I treasure my close, personal relationship with Jesus. Why? Because I know that God is my source for everything! He knows and takes care of my every need, desire and dream! He knows my wants before I do! He is always with me, never leaves me and is always there to listen when I need someone to talk to who truly understands me! He guides and leads me by the Holy Spirit and is constantly teaching me. He is loving, forgiving, merciful, kind, understanding, patient and He loves me unconditionally! He’s my Daddy and I am definitely my Daddy’s girl! With God and Jesus as the most important thing in my life, I lack nothing.  He talks to me, He walks with me.  He is refining me from clay into a golden vessel and I love Him with all my being…spirit, heart and soul! God is my Father and Jesus is my Lord and Savior. This is the most important treasure in my life!