Take a Look Around You!

In my personal “Throne” time with my Daddy this morning, I had a lot of different things (questions) come up in my Spirit! Then I heard, “Put it in a Blog Post!”  So here I am!

I love my Daddy, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, my God! My love for Him is unconditional, stronger than any force known to man and unwavering! I love Him; I have faith in Him and I TRUST Him! He is my Source for everything in my life! He is my Provider for my every need, desire and dream! In other words…He is my EVERYTHING! Now with that said…

I was talking to my Daddy about the way people’s lives have changed over the years; about how our government has changed; how our morals, beliefs, standards have changed and none of it for the better!

When I was growing up…and yes, that was many years ago in our natural eyes, but not in God’s!…family values were so much different.  Most families lives centered around their church and church family.  Most everyone you knew was a Christian. An atheist was seldom heard of and you felt sad for them because they didn’t know Jesus.  You respected your parents and all ‘grown ups’!  You respected your peers and wanted to help others just to help them! People were people and you didn’t ‘idolize’ someone just because they had wealth, a famous name or lived in a ‘mansion’! You looked up to them but didn’t ‘worship’ them!

Hollywood celebrities weren’t made into gods! If they did something immoral they weren’t celebrated, they were shunned by everyone including Hollywood! The President of the United States of America was respected because of his office, whether he was liked or not.  He had the respect of the office here in this country and throughout the world.

It all started with one woman who declared she was Atheist and proud of it, Madalyn Murray O’Hair! Because of her and a few like her, prayer was taken out of public schools! Now this in my opinion was only the beginning and it was totally wrong that our government and courts allowed this! But more importantly that the American people, the Christians, didn’t stand up and put a stop to it! This is when, again in my opinion, the ‘By the People, For the People’ started fading away! We can certainly see where the schools and school systems started falling apart with the forbidding of prayer in them! Thank God for the students that started the prayer around the flagpoles! We had prayer in my schools and I don’t remember anyone ever being forced to participate! Being a Christian is not forced on you, it is a choice! It’s your choice, you have the choosing of going to Heaven or to Hell! That’s another blog for later! 🙂

Children today are not taught respect for anyone including their parents. Some of the reason for this is because a lot parents weren’t taught respect either.  It has gotten to be a ‘me’ civilization! All about ‘me’ and ‘mine’.  God was taken out of the schools, plus homes and even some churches and definitely the government! We have turned into a Babylonian society rather than going to the Word of God and finding out what the Almighty says about how to live! ” I am in this world, but not of this world!”

Some people are depressed with the situation of our Country; the condition of our Government, our enormous increasing debt and/or our ‘new’ socialized health care program! I’m not depressed…I am praying, believing, trusting and seeing the glass 1/2 FULL!  There is a reason my Daddy created me a 1/2 Full Person! 🙂  We as Christians have gotten lackadaisical in our beliefs and most importantly our actions!  We need to be more like Moses, Paul and others rather than the children of Israel who always cried out to God when they were in need and then when He rescued them and provided for them, they quickly went back to their old ways, forgetting what He had done for them! We need to STAND UP, STAND STRONG and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK AND PUT GOD BACK INTO OUR SCHOOLS, HOMES, CHURCHES AND GOVERNMENT!

One thing I didn’t think I would ever see (in the last 2 years really) is our Constitution, written by our God loving, God respecting forefathers being ignored, changed and disrespected! The United States of America was founded upon not only the Word of God, but on the Gospels of Jesus Christ! Our ancestors fought and sacrificed their lives so that we could live in a free Nation, not a dictatorship, and the government was set up BY the people and FOR the people! The main reason they left the ‘mother country’ was to have freedom from a ruler, from monarchy, from dictatorship! It was not established by people thinking, ‘oh, let’s set this up for the citizens this way and then because we are the ‘government’ we will set it up where we are the ones benefiting from it! We will make sure that they have to labor to be prosperous but we will make sure that we, who are elected to our offices by the people,  are financially taken care of the rest of our lives and they will pay for it!’ They also never dreamed that one day the leader of their America, founded on Christianity, would stand before people of other nations and say that America is not a Christian Nation!

The great thing is that all of these things are waking us up! Tea Parties (remember the Boston Tea Party?) have sprung up, Christians are rising up and declaring the works of the Lord, people are praying again and we are being heard across the country! We are taking our Nation back! We are the ones who elect the members of the Senate, the House of Representative and the President! And we need to take back control of our land! We do that with our votes and our prayers! Doesn’t matter which party you are, it’s who the person is that you are electing! Words are cheap, deceiving, untruthful and conniving.  It’s the fruit of the speaker’s life that you need to study! A politician is great at saying what they know you want to hear, but what is their voting record, how do they live their life, what do they believe, what do they stand for?

It doesn’t matter how much money they are spending on their campaign, or maybe it does! Do you want someone who spends millions even billions on his/her campaign running our government for you?  For the first time ever, two years ago there was a freeze put on Social Security. Social Security which was set up for people to have in their retirement years, which by the way they were paying into all the years they were working! Cost of living has and is going up, but not the Social Security!

Prayer is the most powerful force there is! My prayer is that every Born Again, Spirit Filled, God Believing, Jesus Loving Christian unites in prayer daily and stands up, stands strong and unities to take America back for Americans! Our Military is fighting for our rights in distant lands, well…we need to fight for our rights here on our home ground! We need to return to a strong, united America where if you want to live in freedom then you first learn the English language and then study and become an American citizen and obey our laws!

Our country was and is made up of immigrants from around the world, but in order to have the American dream they had to and still have to work for it and do it legally! Now if you are here from another country and are here legally, then we welcome you and we will help you to become a citizen! If you are here illegally, you have no rights because you are breaking our laws!

We the people of different nationalities are proud of our heritage, but most importantly we are proud to be AMERICANS! AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY THAN THAT…WE ARE PROUD TO BE CHRISTIANS! God bless each of you abundantly, guide your steps and give you opportunities to share His love with others so they can join our family! And GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Love and Blessings,

Judy ♡