God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas – Part II

Well, here we are again!  It is now the end of February, which is technically still winter and not yet Spring, but this is Texas! A couple of days ago it was in the 80’s and today it is in the 40’s!  It’s hard to predict the weather in Texas because we have been known to suddenly have snow in March or even April! Highly unusual, but not impossible! 🙂

Earlier this week when I was at Clark Gardens it was cool, crisp and beautiful! Blue sky, white clouds and lots of sunshine! A gorgeous ‘Spring’ day! There are still bare non-budding trees, but there are also signs of Spring approaching! There are crocus blooming, signs of new green bursting forth through the ground and ‘love is in the air!

Love is in the Air!

There is always beauty at Clark Gardens no matter what time of the year! In Texas we do have trees, other than your common ‘Evergreens’ such as pine, fir and cedar, that have green leaves year round.  In fact, some of the tress have brown leaves on them that have never fallen off, but will when the new ones burst forth!

The Signs of late Winter Not Yet Spring!

You know we all just need to slow down from rushing around and  STOP! Stop and take notice of things around us! There is so much more to life than traffic congestion, crowds of people, places we ‘have’ to go, things we ‘have’ to do!  Do we actually take notice of the people we pass daily in our lives? Do we take notice the good around us or are we just consumed with hurrying and everyday ‘necessities’?  This is one of many reasons that I love ‘God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas’ so much! I love to go and spend the day slowly walking the grounds listening, observing and taking in everything I can.  It took me a while to learn to slow down my walking, stop and sit down and just take in everything around me at that particular spot! There is so much beauty to see, smell, taste and appreciate!

In the past I would have walked through and thought, “Oh, there is nothing blooming and every thing looks so dreary!” But now because it is a quiet, peaceful, tranquil place, I have the time and opportunity to savor every scene and every moment! I can hear my Daddy through the rustling of the leaves when the breeze stirs them or the squirrels are playing in them; the sounds of the Garden Trains running: the songs of the Cardinal, the Mockingbird or the Dove; the call of the Peacocks; the honking of the Canada Geese; the whistling of the Whistler Ducks; the quacking of the Domestic Ducks and the conversation of the ‘Busy Bodies of Clark Gardens’…those precious, funny little Guineas! And then there is also the silence! Oh, how precious is that sound of nothing but peace and tranquility!

The Tranquility of Lake Pavilion

I am so blessed! God has provided the most perfect place on Earth for my enjoyment! A place where I can meditate, communicate, see His beauty all around me through His eyes and actually capture it with my camera to share with others! My Daddy is so good and He loves me so much! I have always, as long as I can remember, been one who when I had a need to be alone, work something out or just to simply think…would go outside, to a park or find a stream or lake and just sit and feel the love of my Daddy  through His wonderful masterpiece, Nature and listen to what He had to say to me.

I would love to have you join me one Tuesday, but you have to be prepared to take your time and to absorb all that God has for you on that day at that place and at that moment! I guarantee that you will leave ‘God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas’ a different person than the one that entered it! 🙂

Have a blessed day and there is still more to come…:)

Bottoms Up!

Love and Blessings,

Judy ♡

God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas!

Welcome to Clark Gardens

I want to introduce you to one of the most beautiful, peaceful, serene places on earth and we are so blessed to have it only an hour’s drive from our home! The official name of it is Clark Garden’s Botanical Park, but to me it’s name is God’s Little Bit of Heaven in Texas!  It is a Garden with beginnings in 1972 as a small family English garden, designed by Billie Clark and built by Max Clark and John Holder! It has developed into 35+ acres of pure Paradise! It was officially opened to the public on April 22, 2000. It is family owned and family operated with a great staff!  Most of them have been there for 20+ years! Clark Gardens is a place not only of beauty, but also a place where you feel at home and part of the family…which you are! 🙂 It has been declared one of the most beautiful gardens in the nation!

It is heavenly no matter what time of year! It’s even pretty in the Winter because there are trees that remain green among those who have lost all of their foliage.  Also, in the Winter you can enjoy seeing the ‘backbone’ of the Gardens! Have you ever looked at the bare trees in Winter and noticed their true character without their ‘dressings’? In the Spring is when the new birth takes place and there are Iris of all colors and types blooming every where! There are also trees budding out with new green leaves and new growth everywhere you look! Next are the Day Lilies! I never thought much of this flower until Clark Gardens! I have never seen so many beautiful colors or types of this flower in my life! They are gorgeous!

Day Lily

A footnote here: Max and everyone associated with Clark Gardens are constantly working, planting, pruning, etc. to make sure that there is something blooming for each and every season! And, yes…Max Clark does still consistently work in the Gardens! You will usually find him in the back part on his knees working with planting and weeding and in his cart parked nearby is his faithful, loyal best friend for 13+ years, Chocolate, his Chocolate Lab! Even though she doesn’t get around as well anymore, she is right there with him!

Max Clark and Chocolate Clark 🙂











Among the beautiful blooming trees, flowers and plants we also have the wildlife! There are peacocks, the very colorful ones and one pure white one! There are 2 swans each in different lakes, Doc the Trumpeter Swan of Emerald Lake and Houdini, the Muted Swan of Oxbow Lake!  Now, Houdini is my very special friend! There are Canada Geese, Whistler Ducks, Egyptian Geese, Domestic Ducks, Squirrels, Turtles, Butterflies, Bees and the ‘Busy Bodies of Clark Gardens’ the Guineas! There are also all kinds of birds, including Howard Hughes, the Blue Heron!


Doc the Trumpeter Swan



My Friend Houdini, the Muted Swan


The 'Busy Bodies of Clark Gardens'

Whistler Ducks & Howard Hughes 🙂

White Peacock


Canada Geese

Egyptian Geese

Clark Gardens is a very important part of Paul’s and my lives! He is there every Tuesday working on the Garden Trains (more about that to follow) and I am there just enjoying fellowshipping with my Daddy and my friends (2 and 4 legged) and capturing the beauty around me through my Daddy’s eyes!

There is so much more to introduce you to and show you that this is going to have to be continued… So enjoy for now!

PS to see more (many, many, many more photos) you may go to my website at TheFathersCreations

Love and Blessings to all of you,

Judy ♡

Happy Valentine’s Day from A Real Valentine!

Today is a day celebrated around the world, but to me it is the second most special day of the year, with Christmas being first! You see on this special day in 1961 Paul Valentine made me his Valentine! That’s right…today we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary! It doesn’t even begin to feel like 50 years, it feels more like 20 or 30!  Where does time go so quickly?

Of course, we do have 2 grown children, 2 ‘in-love’ children and 5 granddarlings to show for this time! We have the best daughter and son that any parent could ever ask for! They have developed and matured into awesome, God loving, generous, strong, faithful, high integrity adults with the perfect mates for life and produced the most wonderful God loving Granddarlings that God has ever created! We are so blessed!

I truly have the most wonderful husband, family and life! Oh, we have had struggles, weathered storms and had bad days as well as good, but through it all we have come out on the other side and have the strongest marriage anyone could ever have! We are healthy, happy, content with our lives and look forward to the next 50! 🙂

To have a good strong marriage you first have to have a good strong friendship! You may start out with just ‘being in love’, but for it to last a lifetime, you need to develop that friendship! You have to enjoy each others company and fill your lives with lots of laughter and Sonshine! Always look at the glass 1/2 full and never let the spirit of negativeness in your home! Our love has grown, matured, strengthened and developed into an unconditional love…a love like God’s! I know that our children will celebrate their 50th anniversaries too because their mates/spouses were prayed for and then hand picked by God for them! They have not only that love for each other, they also are each others’ best friends!

So, I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! We Valentines are proud of our Day and are happy to share it will the whole world! 🙂 ♡

Love, Blessings and Hugs,

Judy ♡

Valentine's Day 1961

The Valentine Clan

50 Years Later!

God Has a Sense of Humor!

Having the NFL choose ARLINGTON, Texas for the 45th Superbowl was quite an experience! What most people don’t realize is that the NFL comes in and actually takes over! They decided which streets will be closed, hotel prices, which vendors in which area, etc, etc, etc! Everything is about $$$money$$$!  It is actually more about greed than about the sport of football! People don’t realize that if their city has never been chosen to hold the Super Bowl!

Now the reason I have said that is to point out that it is not the city, the city officials, the citizens or the local businesses that raise the prices to astronomical amounts! Yet, it is the city, the state, the citizens, the state and city governments that get blamed for everything including the weather!!!  Have you ever just sat back and watched and listened to people and how utterly ridiculous they can be? If you do and don’t let them upset you, you will start laughing! People can be so ignorant, unappreciative, rude and self centered!

All of this made me think of God and what He goes through! Ever since Adam and Eve disobeyed Him, He has had to listen to His children whine, complain, curse; be ignorant, rude, unappreciative, never satisfied and self centered! I am so thankful that He made the promise to Noah to never flood the entire earth again and destroy everyone.  If He hadn’t made that promise the earth would be continually under water!!! We would all have to have fins, if we survived!

He also definitely has a sense of humor, He has to, to stay balanced! I can just imagine Him sitting on His throne with Jesus next to Him listening to some of the things we  were hearing recently… For instance, the fellow from California who complained that all the ‘fast food’ places around Arlington and the stadium were all fried food places and he had eaten practically nothing but calamari since he had been here! First of all, most of all ‘fast food’ places have other things than just fried foods and I don’t know of any of them that have calamari, unless it is seafood restaurant! Now if he had eaten nothing but fried food, that was his fault because he didn’t have enough sense to order anything else! 🙂 Then there are the ones who were complaining about the highly unusual Arctic Blast we had! Who do you think is in control of the weather???  I could just see my Daddy sitting on His throne laughing at the stupidity going on! Oh, the topper though were the ones who said they would never come back to Texas! You talk about laughing!!! I was in hysterics along with other Texans! That is great…we don’t want them to decide they want to come back and live here! We are already too crowded! We want our land back so our cattle and horses have room to graze and roam!

So not only does God have a sense of humor, He also has mercy and He is able to share His sense of humor with us! He is such a great Daddy and still loves all of His children…even the ones who complain, whine, curse and are rude, ignorant, unappreciative and self centered! Why, He even sends people across their paths to teach them of His love, mercy and forgiveness through not only words, but most importantly on how they live their lives! I love my Daddy and am so blessed to be in His family with my brothers and sisters in Christ! Remember the Word of God says, “A cheerful disposition is good for your health, gloom and doom leave you bone tired.” That is Proverbs 17:22 in the Message translation.  Have a blessed day full of laughter!

Love and Blessings,

Judy ♡

Watching God Work!

Have you ever just observed and watched God work?  I have and it is fun to watch how He works in our life and/or lives of others!  Take this morning for example…I was reading some of friends’ posts on facebook. Now the entire country is having a blast from the Arctic! Even normally warm places are having temps in the teens and below! Now is this is extremely unusual and may never occur again, but you should hear some of the comments!  I bet God is laughing! 🙂

It got me to thinking and when that happens it usually means a Blog is coming!  At first, it aggravated, disgusted and irritated me. I was thinking of the ones that usually post such nice, encouraging, pleasant posts and who now using words like ‘freakin’, etc (which by the way, I cannot stand)!  Then as I was feeding my little 4-legged children, God showed me something! We have Dolly, who is an exuberant, playful, happy, cheerful, sweet as can be, constantly (except when in the bed under the covers!) active, Chihuahua aka “The Flying Chihuahua”! Then we have my Saydee…she is and has been my constant best friend and companion for 14 years! She is patient (most of the time), loyal, faithful, understanding and always there, a real love! Next we have Bitsie, who was continually abused for the first 3 years of her life before I got her almost 11 years ago.  She is gripey, grouchy, constantly complaining, but can be really sweet. Her first 3 years really scarred her for life and it is sad!

Now, since my Daddy knows that I want to see the beauty around me through His eyes…He pointed out the difference in my 4-legged children and how much they are like His 2-legged children! Some are ‘happy go lucky’, exuberant, always cheerful, flying from one thing to another! Then we have the ‘Saydee’s’ of the world…faithful, loyal, patient, obedient, understanding…always there! And of course, we have the ‘gripey, grouchy, always complaining, but can be really sweet’ ones!

It amazes me how as long as things are going along as ‘usual’, some people can be so happy and nice, but when things happen that they have no control over it is an entirely different story! Actually, what we are supposed to do is to have faith in our Daddy and to trust Him no matter what! He is the only one who does have control over everything, but He will not go against our will, therefore a lot of times we stop Him and His control over a situation! Oh, and I have news for everyone…it is not Mother Nature that controls the weather and the happenings of the earth..it is God Almighty! When we really get to know Him through His Word; the Bible and the teachings of truly called men and women of God and learn to be obedient and know that He is God, He is our Father, our Daddy, our supplier for our every need and desire and put Him and His ways first and foremost in our lives, then we will live lives that are free of fear, disgust, hatred, contempt, envy, complaining, etc, etc.  We will also learn to turn to Him in prayer; believing, not doubting and knowing, that He will take care of us and see us through every situation that comes against us!

So in watching God work and listening to Him this morning, I am now laughing at how utterly ridiculous we 2-legged children of His can be!






Have a wonderfully blessed day no matter what the weather or the situation! 🙂

Love and Blessings,

Judy ♡