Do you know the difference in Faith and Trust? Do you have faith in God and what He will, can and has done? Do you trust Him to do what His Word says? Well, let me draw you a picture…

There is a man walking a tightrope that is stretched across the Grand Canyon with no net underneath! Now, you know that he can carry you on his shoulders while he is walking that tightrope. but are you willing to climb upon his shoulders and let him do it? FAITH IS KNOWING AND TRUST IS DOING!

It is easy to trust God when things are going well, but when they aren’t too many times we let doubt, worry and fear take over. We try to take care of it ourselves! It’s hard to not be in control of every situation in our lives! Trust Him no matter what you see with your natural eyes…He never leaves you nor forsakes you. Don’t try to analyze things or figure them out on your own! Turn it over to your Daddy, let go of it and trust Him with all your being! God is smarter, wiser, and all knowing! He has plans for your life to only bless,prosper and fill your life with divine health, happiness and good things. No matter what you see or feel in the natural, KNOW that your Daddy loves you unconditionally and He is your only source for everything in your life! Your job is not your source, no one else is your source…God, your Father is your source for finances, food, family, health…EVERYTHING and He will always be there for you! Think back over your life. Has He ever left you stranded or has He always taken care of you? It is up to us to BELIEVE IT, STAND ON IT and TRUST HIM! He will never let you fall without picking you up! His ways are higher than our ways…in other words He knows what is best for us and sometimes if we don’t see exactly what we think should happen, we let doubt come in. If that has ever happened to you, go back and go over how that situation was taken care of and the results from it! 🙂

There is a peace that comes over you when you put your total trust in your Daddy. You are His child and He will always be there for you. All you have to do is love and TRUST Him! Daddy does know best! :))

Love and Blessings,
Judy ♡

Do You Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk?

Are you one of those people who talks the talk when around ‘spiritual’ people or are you one of those who actually walks the walk? Now, let me start out by telling you that I am not a preacher nor do I preach! I am a child of my Daddy and I share! I don’t share what I have heard or read only…I share what I have found out the hard way by living it! 

Now with that said, let’s get back to my question! 🙂 Do you know people that are good at talking about how you should live, what you should or should not be doing, etc.? Do you know people that tell you they are going to do something and a time they are going to do it, but either change their minds or just never get around to it? It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are in money or material possessions, if you aren’t good at your word, you are a very poor person. You can find someone who has nothing materially…no money, no home, no car, etc. and if they are good at their word they are a very wealthy person…richer than the Rockefellers! You see, talk is cheap and you can talk a good game, but talk without walking the walk or keeping your word shows the true character of a person!

I don’t want to be known as one of those people that never follows through with what they say they are going or not going to do! This is the reason that rather than going by what a person says I go by the fruit of their lives! Take politicians for example! When someone comes along running for an office…any office…I don’t pay attention to ‘what they are ‘going to do’, I look at that they have ‘done’ or are ‘doing’ now! I research their records, their history, their FRUIT! For instance, why would I vote for someone who hasn’t paid their taxes to tell me what I should do and is in the position to raise MY taxes??? Are you getting the point? 

This applies to every aspect of life! It’s easier to ‘talk the talk’ than it is to ‘walk the walk’! But the rewards are so much greater when you do the walking! 🙂 Let’s take TRUSTING God! Oh, it so easy to tell people how they should trust God in every situation…rent due, no food in the house, bills are due, etc, etc! Now, it is easy to trust Him when things are going good, but at those times we usually forget to thank Him that things are going good! When you can put ALL of your faith and trust in Him at those hard, seemingly terrifying times, then you are walking the walk and you know what??? Your Daddy will take care of you. You will have a peace that surpasses all understanding and He never leaves you, so you are never alone! He knows that you are putting your trust in Him and He is not going to leave you stranded! He is the most loving, giving, patient, understanding, compassionate, forgiving Father there is! He loves you UNCONDITIONALLY! You are His child and everything He has is yours! Hallelujah! 

When you start walking the walk you will be amazed at the indescribable peace and joy you have! You will have such an inner joy that it will radiate from you for others to see! Haven’t you known people that acted like they didn’t have a care in this world? Well, guess what they didn’t! They were walking the walk with their Daddy! Material things will come and go… the Bible tells us in 2Corinthians 4:18, “…while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” This is what it is all about! 

When you are walking the walk instead of talking the talk, people won’t have any doubts of where you stand! It shows in everything you do, it shows in your attitude and outlook on life! It shows in how you treat others, your speech, your actions and deeds! It shows in who you are! People that go around telling everyone they are a ‘Christian’, how good they are, how much they love others, how much they love the Lord, etc, aren’t walking the walk! 🙂 Because when you are walking THE walk there is no need to tell anyone! It shows in you sweet, ripe, overflowing fruit…your abundant harvest! So start your walk today! Take it step by step! If you stumble, simply pick yourself up and start again. It gets easier and easier with each step and soon you will be running the race! Have a wonderfully blessed day today and every day and remember…Jesus loves you and so do I! ♡ 

Love and Blessings, 
Judy ♡

It’s MY Blog!!!

I never thought I would do a Blog, much less keep doing it! I am a photographer, but this is not a photography Blog.  It is not any particular type of Blog…it’s MY Blog! 🙂

Here I can share my love for God.  Here I can get off my chest what is bothering me in the way people in general behave!  Here I can share the Word of God and here I can display my photographs too! If anyone drops by and is offended by something I said…well, I won’t apologize for it because some people will take anything you say, turn it around, take it personally and become offended! Here I can let the Holy Spirit guide me and give me the words to put down.  If it is something someone needs then I will rely on the Holy Spirit to direct them here!  My Daddy is so good!
You know we all need a way to get our thoughts, concerns, dreams out whether it is through blogging or being blessed with someone we can talk to without being concerned that they are going to judge us or not like us anymore!  Blogging is a great way to take care of all these needs!

I named my Blog “Thru My Daddy’s Eyes” for a reason.  I want to see the beauty around me through my Daddy’s eyes and that is my prayer every day!  Oh, I don’t want to see everything through my Daddy’s eyes because He sees everything…the good and the bad; the beautiful and the ugly!  He sees our hearts and He knows our every action and every thought.  So therefore, I don’t want to see everything through my Daddy’s eyes! Would you?

There is beauty all around us all the time.  There is beauty in Nature, there is beauty in people, beauty in architecture…beauty all around us!  Have you ever taken a close look at a leaf, blade of grass or the petals of a flower?  Sometime take a close look.  You will see intricate veins, tiny details running through them.  Look into a child’s face and you will see beauty there.  Look at an old building and you will see beauty there!  You can find beauty in the face of an elderly person behind the sadness.  When we take the time we can find beauty in everything around us and when we see the beauty rather than the ugliness we have a much better world.  God didn’t create any thing ugly!  People can make it ugly!

God is so good and His word is true!  We all have our own faults, things about us that  others do not like, but God created each of us in His own image and He is constantly teaching, leading and instructing us on how to change to be more like Him and to love others in spite of their faults and things we don’t like!  I am a clay vessel who is working with my Daddy to become a vessel of gold!

Today this ‘Golden Vessel in Progress’ chooses to be happy with a smile on her face, peace and joy in her heart and loving things coming from her mouth!  So have an abundantly blessed, prosperous day and remember to thank your Daddy for it!

Love and Blessings,
Judy ♡