What is Your Passion in Life?

Have you ever thought of what your passion in life is?  Do you have something you are passionate about?  You know, God gave each of us a gift, a talent! Now it may be a gift or talent someone else has but each one is unique to the individual!  No two people are exactly alike, not even identical twins!  There is something, maybe small and not noticeable to anyone else, but uniquely different in each one!  Sometimes it is only something the mother can see but she can tell the difference in her two children!

This is the same with the gifts God gives us! I am a photographer. My husband and my daughter are photographers, but each one of us is different in how we see things, therefore our photographs are different even if we should take them of the same subject! That is the way with all gifts from God! He made each of us unique and He gave us each gifts/talents that are unique to us! He is so awesome!

This is the reason that no matter what our gift is we should never compare ourselves to someone else and their gift!  To work with our gift and to utilize it to it’s fullest is a constant learning and growing process!  We take the gift/talent that has been given us, add our passion and love for it, work with it to refine the art work we are creating…whether painting, photography, singing, writing, music composing or playing…whatever it is!

Look at the master artists in history whether painting, sculpturing, composing, etc.  No two were alike but they all had their place and created great works! They had a passion, a love for what they were doing and they used that passion to bring forth the work that they are still famous for today!  Be thankful for what God has placed in your hands.  He knows what He is doing and if you let Him, He will instruct, guide, lead, direct and teach you how to be the best He created you to be!  You see…He not only blessed you with a gift/talent, He also blessed you with the passion it takes to perfect that gift or talent! Take your potential, work it and don’t let any one or thing stop you!  You were created to share your gift or talent with others and to bring some joy, happiness, peace and love into their lives through your work!  You may not be remembered but your gift will be!

Love and Blessings,
Judy ♡

Just a sampling of my gift from my Daddy!


Are You a Professional……?

I am a photographer and I have people ask me if I consider myself a professional or an amateur photographer!  Well, the answer to that is neither!  I consider myself an artist who is continually growing, learning and refining my work!

What is a professional?  First it is a title and a professional photographer is generally considered one who makes his/her full income through photography.  There is no license or degree for professional photography and actually anyone who wants to can call himself a professional photographer!

The quality of your work has nothing to do with being ‘professional’! As with any art…painting, sculpture, drawing, etc, it is unique to the artist and what he or she sees, captures and creates!  No two artist look at the same subject and see it the same way!  Look at some of the greatest artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, Picasso, Dali, Di Vinci and many, many others!  Each had his own unique way of conveying what he saw around him and yet each is a great artist recognized around the world!

You don’t need a title to be great in what you do.  All you need is to take the gift that God has blessed you with, the love and passion He has placed inside of you for that gift and use it.  Let Him lead you in what to do and how to do it!  You should use your gift, your art, the way you see it in the way you want to.  Don’t compare your art with someone else’s. Remember, each artist is unique with a unique gift to create what they see around then through their eyes.  Enjoy what you do, appreciate the work of others, and be thankful that God chose you to bless with your particular gift.

No, I am not a ‘professional’, I am a very blessed woman who God chose to fill with the of love of Nature and Beauty all around her and then give her the gift of seeing and capturing that beauty with a camera.  My prayer each day is, “Father, please let me see Your beauty all around me through Your eyes and be able to capture it for others to enjoy through my photography,”  I’m not a Professional Photographer! I am an artist capturing memories to last a lifetime with my camera!

Love and Blessings,