What’s Important?

Is your life rushing by? Are you so caught up in the “have to do’s; have to have’s:” that you forget the important things? It doesn’t matter how big your home is or how much money you have. It doesn’t matter what car you drive or what brand of clothes you wear. These are all material things. Material things are just that…MATERIAL! They are not eternal, they don’t last forever…they are only temporary. 

What are the truly important things? Love, laughter, peace, joy, happiness, closeness, family, friends….this list is endless! Yesterday is gone, never to come back again. You can’t take it back or change anything that happened. Don’t waste today. Today make sure that you say, “I love you”, to those you love. Today, hug somebody who needs a hug, smile at strangers, at the end of the day take time to notice the masterpiece that God paints in the Western sky called a sunset. Teach your children about God and His love. Teach them that Jesus loves them and died for them and rose again. 

So many of us get so busy seeing to it that our children “don’t miss” out on the things we did that they don’t have time to be children! Teach them to enjoy simple things such as making pictures out of clouds; making mud pies; climbing trees; jumping rope, playing everyday kid games. 

We all need to take the time each day to stop…look around…and notice the good and the beauty around us. And above all we need to see each and every blessing from God that He has sent to us that day! Don’t forget to say “I love you”; Smile; give God all the Praise and Glory for another day and make the most out of that day! 

Love and Blessings,

Judy ♥

Just like this dandelion, with one strong blow is scattered in the wind, so are our days. Enjoy the beauty and love of each day as I have enjoyed this dandelion!  

How Do You Influence Others?

What kind of effect do you have on other people? What kind of influence are you? You may say, “Oh, I don’t have any kind of influence on others!” Well, we ALL influence people around us every day, every where we go! Have you ever noticed what happens to your attitude when you are around someone who is always talking negative or has a scowl on their face? How do you feel when a stranger smiles at you and says, “Hi!”? 

One thing that I refuse to have around me or to allow to influence me is NEGATIVENESS! I HATE it! Oh, we all have ‘bad’ days or things going on in our lives that are serious and not pleasant, but there is first and foremost someone who loves us unconditionally and who is always there for us to see us through whatever we are going through and who never leaves us alone. His name is Jesus! He loves us so much that He carried our sins to the cross and died for us and then rose again so that we may live and be forgiven! And the thing is that if you or I had been the only person ever born, He would have still gone to the cross and given His life for you or me! When we can grasp that kind of love, then there is nothing going on in this world that can destroy what we have. When we KNOW personally our Father, our Daddy, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ the Anointed One, then we KNOW that there is nothing man or satan can do to us because we are children of the Almighty God! We are the highly favored, blessed beyond measure, created in His image, crucified with Christ children of our Daddy and our brother, Jesus, sits at His right hand and is the advocate for us with our Father. 

When we KNOW this, then how and why do we complain about any and every thing such as the rain, the heat, the cold, the drought and the list goes on and on…! How and why do we look at the negative side of things, talk ugly about our brothers and sisters and look down on others? God has no favorites. We are all Special to Him! He loves each of us as much as He loves Jesus! Think about that! Wow! No matter what you do or do not have; no matter what you look like; no matter the color of your skin or you nationality…He loves you and me as much as He loves JESUS! 

So the next time you are having a ‘bad’ day, stop and think about how much your Daddy loves you; what He wants to do for you and how much He has already done for you! All we have to do is ask Him to guide us, help us, lead us and then TRUST Him! Learn to look at the glass 1/2 FULL not 1/2 empty; put a smile on your face and in your heart and let the love of Jesus shine through you! You will be amazed then what kind of influence you will have on others! 

God loves you and so do I! Have a great day and be a great influence! 

Love and Blessings, 

It’s All About Choice!

Too many times we ask God to do this or that for us or to give us this or that! I know that sometimes He must say,”What about you?” God gave each of us our own will and being God, He won’t go against our will! Have you ever thought about that? Yes, God can do anything! There is nothing He can’t do! He created everything and everyone, so why doesn’t He just snap His fingers and bring about world peace, give us everything we want, heal everyone in the blink of any eye, and the list goes on and on! 

First of all, why did God create man? He created man to fellowship, walk, talk and be a companion to Him! He gave man dominion over every living creature and He set down some rules! Man had everything he could ever want or need…he even was given the privilege of naming every creature! God also gave man his own will! God wanted someone made in His own image to fellowship with; to be able to talk to; to live in harmony with! There was no want, there was no sin! But man was tempted and he fell into that temptation and disobeyed God…man sinned! Man used his own will instead of listening to, trusting and obeying God, His Father! 

This all leads up to CHOICE! With our own wills we have the choice to have faith in God, to trust God, to love God, to lean on God, to obey God! It is our choice to what kind of an attitude we are going to go through life with. Our choice how we are going to look and see things. Our choice how we are going to treat others. The list can go on forever. The main thing is that it is OUR CHOICE! Do you choose to have a smile on your face or a pouty look? Do you want to spread love and joy or have people feel sorry for you? Your attitude and expression have an effect on the people you come in contact with personally or who just see you in passing! I choose to see the world as God had intended it to be, I choose to see the glass 1/2 full not 1/2 empty, I choose to smile, laugh and have the love of and for Jesus shine through me! If someone wants to sarcasticly call me eternally optomistic that is fine with me, because I choose to be! 

Do we think that in Heaven we are going to see people walk around with frowns or with a pouty face? I KNOW not! Everyone is going to be joyous, praising, loving, singing, happy! Don’t wait until we get to Heaven to start praising God who made us. Don’t wait until we get to Heaven to show love to others. Don’t wait until we get to Heaven to TRUST God Almighty and to BELIEVE His Word and His promises! I CHOOSE to love my Daddy, to trust my Daddy, to believe everything He says about me and His promises for me TODAY and everyday! I CHOOSE to obey my Daddy and repent when I slip and to move on. What do you choose! I love you all with the love of God, my Daddy and I choose to share it! 

Love and Blessings,
Judy, my Daddy’s girl! ♥