Where is Your Focus?

When you have the opportunity to sit under an anointed man or woman of God, do you take it? Do you continually feed yourself on the Word of God…the uncompromising Word of God…the teaching of spirit filled men and women of God?

You know, no matter how many times you hear teaching on faith, patience, love, obedience, blessings, etc. you still learn something from each message! You never reach the point where ‘you know it all’! Even those teaching are still learning! My God is so good! He is my source for my EVERY need… spiritually, physically, financially, mentally… every need I have or will ever have! Think about that! I LOVE Him, I KNOW Him, I TRUST Him, I DEPEND on Him, I am COMMITTED to Him! 

I am in this world, but not of this world! My focus is not on the happenings of this world; the news media; what plans our government has for us; the predictions of man… my focus is on My Daddy, My God, My Father! He is my source; I am His child; He is my provider, my healer, my financier… He is my EVERYTHING! 

Where is your focus? Does your world consist of: ME… ‘why me; what am I going to do, how am I going to make it, how can I do this or that?” And the list goes on and on! Instead of being consumed with “ME” turn to God, get to know Him, study His Word, the Bible, and see what He says about you and your situation. Find a church that feeds you the uncompromised Word of God and that lives it! Don’t learn ‘about’ Him, get to KNOW Him personally; listen to Him; ask Him into your heart, into your life; make Him the Lord of your life; the top priority in your life everyday; your Daddy; your friend; your Source! He created you! He loves you! He sent Jesus to die on the cross and be resurrected for you! He created you to fellowship with Him and through your obedience to Him there is nothing He won’t do for you or provide for you! With my God there is nothing but love (unconditionally), unimaginable peace, joy that fills you to overflowing and a happiness and fulfillment that comes from deep within. There is no darkness, fear or depression with God… only light and victory! 

So WHERE IS YOUR FOCUS? Mine is on my Daddy, my Jesus, the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me to guide and lead me on the path my Daddy has set for me! I am anxious for nothing because I know who my Daddy is, He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords… He is the one and only living God Almighty! If you don’t KNOW Him, I reach out my hand to you and invite you to join our family. My Daddy is always ready to welcome children into the family and He has more than enough for everyone! God loves you and so do I! 

Have a great day and keep your focus on Him!

Love and Blessings,

Another Answer to a Prayer!

God is always so faithful. He answers all prayers, but some times we just aren’t listening too good or we try to out guess Him! I had a prayer and a question answered this morning that I have been asking my Daddy! Praise God!

Now let me explain…I am still considered new as a photographer…only been in it coming up 3 years in May. Personally, I had gotten a little bored with my work! Always flowers, always the same old thing done the same old way! Now, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I am not a ‘people’ photographer! I am a people snapshooter! But I wanted to branch out and try new things! Oh, it would always be nature, but wanted to try different ways of doing it! I have never been a huge fan of heavy HDR and really artsy photos, but what the heck…I’ll give it a try!

Now, what you have to understand is that all this time I am talking to my Daddy and telling Him that I want to see all the beauty in all the things around me through His eyes! Well, this morning when I was talking to my best, dearest friend, she told me that I needed to go back to my original photos and that was what my gift was! Hello, Daddy! So, I went back and started going through my older photos and heard in my spirit, “This is what you saw through My eyes! I don’t see My masterpiece through HDR or ‘artsy’ eyes. I see it with the most beautiful, richest colors and finest textures and details I can create. Be patient, I am  working with you and teaching you how to not only see through My eyes, but also how to present it to others so they too can see it through My eyes.” WOW! So in other words…the gift of ‘artsy’, ‘extremely creativity’ is not my gift. That is a gift belonging to others and there are some really gifted ones out there!

From this day forward I will be patient, attentive and let the Holy Spirit lead me all the way! I was also told that I cannot expect perfection in my work without a lot of learning, growing, practice and obedience, but my gift that He gave me will be consistently improving with each step I take! After all I have the Master Creator/Photographer teaching me!

Have a Beautiful Day in The Lord!

Love and Blessings,

PS Thank you, my dearest, best friend for listening and obeying! ♥

The Mind of God!

Seeing the 3rd month of the new year coming to a close so quickly after it just got started has gotten me to thinking!  Our Father is so loving, merciful and giving to us.  All He wants from us is our love, faithfulness, obedience, trust and loyalty.  

Do you ever stop and think what He must be thinking and feeling sometimes?  Oh, yes, He is Almighty God, creator of Heaven and Earth, but He is also our Father, our Provider, our Teacher, our Physician, our Comforter, our Everything! There is nothing He can’t do or won’t do for us…actually already has done for us…but He also gave us our own wills and He won’t go past them!  He has laid everything out in His Word for us, to teach us what to do and how to do it.  If we need anything, all we have to do is ASK Him!  But we also need to learn how to ask and then we have to BELIEVE that we will receive what we ask for!  Don’t be like a spoiled brat and go asking for grand material things…that’s not what this is about!  Like any good, loving parent He knows what is good for us and what we can handle, so He’s not going to give us more than we are ready for!  As we grow, so will our blessings from our Daddy, because He is such a loving Father!

He asks us to be obedient and He lays it all out for us!  Can you imagine how we must hurt Him when we refuse to be obedient and ‘do it our way’?  How do you think He feels when we get so ‘busy’ that we don’t have time to just talk to Him?  Do you have children that are ‘too busy’ for you?  How do you feel?  Yes, I am sure that there are times that we do hurt Him, but He loves us unconditionally and His mercy is new EVERY morning and He is forgiving.  He only wants the best for us…health, prosperity, love, joy, peace…the list goes on and on!

I love my  Daddy so much that my heart feels like a huge balloon ready to burst, but it just keeps expanding!  He is my EVERYTHING!  The next time you are in such a rush and are feeling anxiety come over you, just pause for one minute and tell your Daddy how much you love Him.  You will feel His arms around you and His breath breathing into you, renewing you at that moment.

Remember the next time you hear someone say, “Well, if it’s God’s will!”, that God’s will is only the best of everything for us, it is our will and disobedience that stops a lot of blessings from coming into our lives!  Don’t be blaming God…be PRAISING Him!

Love and Blessings,
PS Thank You, Holy Spirit, for giving me the words to write this.

How Do You Spend Your Time?

I have been doing some serious thinking about time! First of all time is flying by faster and faster! No one seems to have enough time!  Everyone is extremely busy and no one has the time for others, fun things, enjoying life , relaxing, on and on!  Do you enjoy running around in circles; always in a hurry to get things done; trying to cram more and more into every minute of every day?  Do you realize that the world is not going to stop turning; your family is not going to suffer and crumble and you are not going be less of a person if you slow down a little bit; notice the beauty around you; appreciate what God has provided for you and in those wise words of long ago… “take time to smell the roses”!

Actually what we are doing is destructive to ourselves and to our loved ones!  We get so busy trying to  ‘provide’ for ourselves and loved ones that we are neglecting some of the most important things in life!  What are we  busy trying to ‘provide’???  Is it love, memories that last forever, a closeness that builds strong bonds and develops strong morals and great characteristics or is it material things that ‘money can buy’?  A big house, an impressive car, clothes and accessories with a certain label, the ‘top’ brand of this or that, etc,etc???  Look around you… are the people with all the ‘things’ any happier or better off than you are?  Would you rather have people love you for who you are or for what you have?  When I look around at the people that are known for their fame, fortune and celebrity status, I see drugs, immorality, messed up lives, unhappiness, people searching for love for who they are…not for what they have!

I have learned to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN! Oh, I like nice material things like any one else, but I don’t have to have the newest, largest, most expensive home, car, clothes, etc. I am perfectly happy in my small home that is paid for; my car that is several years old and paid for, and to me the most important things in my life are first and foremost my close, personal relationship and daily walk with my Daddy; my family; my friends; the ability to see the beauty all around me; my faith and trust in God; the laughter of children; the wisdom that I see in the eyes and faces of older people and the unconditional love in the eyes of my 4 legged children!

Yes, I too am busy… extremely busy, but it is a good busy because I take the time each day to thank my Daddy for His unconditional love and all the blessings He showers on me daily.  I take notice of the beauty in the sky and clouds; the flowers, planted or wild; the trees reaching their branches towards heaven; children playing; I share smiles with strangers and always strive to be a blessing to others who cross my path.  It is my desire to share the love of Jesus wherever I go! And, YES, I do take time to smell the roses!

My prayer is that in some way this Blog blesses you and opens your eyes to slow down a little; enjoy your life; cherish the ones around you and remember who you are… A child of God… and to stop and SMELL THE ROSES!

Today is a Beautiful Day!

This morning started out with sunshine, blue sky and warm temperatures! A beautiful spring type day. Then within 2 hours the sky darkened, thunder rolled and the skies opened up and rain fell! I could just hear people, “We have had enough rain! It rained yesterday, the ground is soaked” and on and on! Well, within another hour or two the rain stopped, the sun came out and blue sky appeared!

I love to watch God work! He is God and He knows what He is doing! He created the earth and He takes care of it. I also know He has a sense of humor! I could just picture Him this morning smiling as He started the day with sunshine and then turned it into a thunderstorm and than back into sunshine! He enjoys playing with us sometimes! We have a tendency to take everything so seriously and God loves to have fun, laugh with us and simply enjoy Himself! I can just hear Him say, “Take a chill pill, Children!”

Have you ever noticed how some “Christians” are always so serious, so stiff, actually stuffy?  God doesn’t speak in ‘Thee’s and Thou’s”. He actually talks Texan…English, Spanish, African, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and any and all languages, but not Old English!  He is not a stiff, stuffy God…He is loving, generous, giving, compassionate, fun loving, funny and enjoys fellowshipping and sharing with us . Oh, He can be serious too, like when His children…us…are given teachers, preachers, ministers to feed us on His Word; we sit under them  learning and then turn around and don’t obey His Word or don’t believe and receive from Him our healing or prosperity! How would you feel if it were your children that behaved that way? God loves us unconditionally and only wants the best for us, but we have to do our part too! Take His Word literally, it’s written very clearly and simply. Don’t try to make it complicated, which is what so many stuffy Christians do! Then simply do what the Word says…BELIEVE! God is the supreme, most wonderful, most giving, loving Father/Daddy you will ever have! Just love Him, thank Him, believe Him, trust Him, obey Him and enjoy Him! 

Like in a lot of families, there are some dysfunctional members in God’s family too. There are some who call themselves Christian, but their fruit is bad and this is why a lot of people are turned away from God. I am a CHRISTian, a spirit-filled Believer, a child of God. I walk with my Daddy every step I take and I love watching Him work in my life and other’s lives too! I love sharing His love and Him with everyone. I want to be an obedient child and if sometimes I slip, all I have to do is ask my Daddy to forgive me and He does and we go from there! When you truly are a Christian, you don’t have to go around telling everyone…it shows in everything you do and how you treat others. Your actions actually speak louder to people than your words. So today, enjoy what your Daddy has for you whether it is sunshine or rain showers! Relax and just enjoy being with Him and whatever He has planned for you on this beautiful day!

Puffed Up or Humble?

This world is full of all kinds of people! All races, all sizes, shapes and personalities! Now, God created us in His image and breathed His breath into us, but He is not responsible for some of the personalties in the world! You see, when He created us, He also gave us our own will! He wanted someone to walk with, fellowship with and communicate with. He didn’t want a robot, so He gave us our own wills and He won’t go against that will! He has placed everything in our hands and given us the authority to overcome every obstacle that comes against us, but we have to know Him, His Word and obey His commandments! Sounds hard? No, not at all! God is unconditional love and He loves us as much as He loves Jesus! He even sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us and guide us through life! How many times have you heard someone say, “I heard this little voice telling me not to do or go this way.” Well, DUH, that was the Holy Spirit!!! We have to listen, hear Him and follow His leading!

Now since we all are created in the image of God, there are no special favors or favorites. We are all created equal, not some more special than others! God loves us all the same and that is unconditionally! Have you ever known or currently know someone who ‘puffs’ themselves up as above everyone else, more knowledgeable, better, more capable, can do anything and probably has done everything, knows everything and just is perfectly supreme and basically looks down on others? Well, you need to pray for them because they may have a ‘head knowledge’ of their Father, but either they don’t really know Him or they don’t listen  and obey Him because they wouldn’t be like that! God has no favorites, He doesn’t make anyone more special than everyone else! Every one of us has special gifts, talents, creativity that our Daddy has blessed us with. We are all unique and each of us has great potential! God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called! Instead of bloating ourselves up, we need to seek our Daddy and have Him show us what gifts we have and where and how we are to use them. Someone that we call a “Know It All” is basically someone who doesn’t truly have confidence in themselves. They, down deep inside – but never would admit it, feel inferior so they puff themselves up to make the world think they are superior! Instead of impressing everyone with their great abilities, they repulse, irritate and disgust everyone! By their behavior they cause people around them not to be able to see what they are capable of doing and accomplishing!

We are all members of the same family and we are all our Daddy’s favorites! We are all to walk in the love of our Daddy and love each other as He loves us, but first we have to love ourselves as He loves us! We can love each other in our Daddy’s love, but some of us make it hard to like each other. So stop and think today, how are you coming across to others? Are you walking in a huge ego, “I am supreme attitude” or are you walking in the love of God and letting Jesus shine through you? People telling me how good a Christian they are or how much they know doesn’t impress me at all! It’s their fruit that I look at! If you love the Lord with all your heart, have a close personal relationship with Him and are an obedient child of God, you don’t have to tell anyone…it shows in your daily life in how you live your life and treat others!!! After all the greatest mantle is the mantle of Humility! If you don’t know what humility is, ask God and He will be more than happy to show you! Have a great day walking in God’s love!

Spring is On Its Way!

Can you feel it? Can you smell it? Can you almost taste it! Now, don’t get me wrong…I love the winter weather, mainly because in Ft. Worth, Texas we don’t usually have enough of it! This is the only place I know of that the temperature one day can be in the 80’s and the next day in the 30’s and then back to the 90’s! There is a saying regarding Texas weather…”If you don’t like the weather just wait a minute and it will change for you!”  Well, this saying is very true! You can also tell who has moved here from ‘up north’! They are the ones that when we have 2 days in a row of cold are wishing for summer! My Daddy is so good to me! He knows that I love enough cold weather to be able to wear sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets for several weeks, not days! Why, this year we even had a white Christmas! I have never had a white Christmas and I am a native born and raised in the Lone Star State! Not only that we had a second snowfall and it was officially 12.5 inches! Even more remarkable was the fact that we had SNOW not ice…nice soft, powdery snow…both times! Thank You, Daddy!

Now, I am ready for spring! Mainly because I am a photographer whose main objective is Nature, beautiful colorful Nature! Landscapes, flowers, trees, clouds, lakes, rivers, streams…anything beautiful with color, bright color! Oh, I did get some pretty awesome snow pictures, but those only go so far! I am ready for our beautiful, bright blue sky with large white fluffy clouds and flowers of all colors blooming everywhere you look and trees budding out with gorgeous green foliage! You see, to me, capturing posed people, immovable objects is boring. Now I admire the photographers who are called to capture those things because they produce great work and that is because that is their gift, their specialty! I love Nature..living, breathing, colorful, growing Nature and I also love old, abandoned buildings and homes because the all have a past and a story to tell!

I am not your professional photographer who knows all the ‘rules’ of photography and abides by them to the letter! I am a photographer who God presented with a gift to see His masterpiece through His eyes! Who is led by the Holy Spirit to look at something and see the beauty in it, not really considering the rule of 1/3, but letting Him guide me in my composition and perspective! In my photographs I want people to be able to see what I see; I want to capture a moment, a place, a bit of Nature that will bring joy, pleasure, peace, a fulfillment to the viewer forever. I want my photography to tell a story of the subject and of me and who I am!