To observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing! This is the definition of celebration! How about ceremony of respect, festivity and rejoicing? Do you enjoy celebrating? Most people do. Well, now I want you to think about something…

We have all had someone dear to us leave their earthly homes and take that wonderful journey to their eternal homes. We are sad to see them go because we are going to miss them so much. But do you have any idea of what takes place in Heaven at that time? Okay, picture in your mind the largest sporting event ever!  Football, basketball, soccer, hockey, whatever, and picture your team making the winning point of the largest game with the largest crowd in the entire world! Can you hear the shouting, the rejoicing, the celebrating?  Well, this is a mi-nute (exceptionally small) comparison of what takes place in Heaven when someone is coming home! Everyone, every angel, every spirit is preparing for the arrival and there is rejoicing, singing, Hallelujah-ing, shouting with joy, festivity, celebrating going on because another family member is arriving home!

Can you hear it? Can you picture it? Oh, what a wonderful time is had by all! What a marvelous greeting! Not only are you met at the Pearly Gate with a hug from GaGa (read previous post on ‘My Mother Always Said I Was Different’) and have Jesus escort you into the largest stadium you have ever seen, but when you arrive all of Heaven is rejoicing, respecting you and your accomplishments, celebrating your coming home! Think about this the next time you are feeling sad because someone you love has gone home! Would you want them to miss out on that glorious celebration? Be happy for them…they are running the green fields of Heaven; walking the streets of Gold; are surrounded by unconditional love; are free of worry, pain, sickness, depression, every evil thing that attacked them on earth; they are happy, free…they are home!

Who Do You Tell the World You Are?

Do you realize how important your countenance is? How others see you through the way you carry yourself, how you express yourself by the look on your face or by the look in your eyes? Have you ever known someone who no matter what they were going through in their personal life always had a smile of their face, a peaceful countenance about them and eyes that radiated love?  That is the love of Jesus shining through them! Someone who truly loves the Lord, has a close personal, first name basis relationship with Him and trust Him with every situation in their life has a peace that passes all understanding! They have no worries, because they KNOW who their Daddy is and they trust Him and love Him with every ounce of their heart, spirit and soul!

I have no patience with ‘self-pity’, ‘oh, poor me’ or ‘I am so pitiful’ looks or attitudes…especially coming from people that claim to KNOW God, LOVE God, TRUST God and are fed on His Word regularly by  people who walk, talk and live the love of their Father and are obedient to His Word and Commandments! Depression is a tool of the devil’s! For goodness sake…take authority over it! You and your will have been given the AUTHORITY by Jesus Himself to take authority over demon spirits, sickness, lack, depression…every evil doing that satan can dream up! It’s up to you! Jesus has already taken care of it for you, now it is in your hands! Do you realize that when you walk around in self pity, sickness, lack, depression, etc. that you are telling the world that you don’t believe in God or that Jesus died for you? It all comes down to YOUR CHOICE! God gave each of us our own will and He will not go against it! You may pray for God’s help in certain situations in your life and then by walking around in negativity, self-pity and depression, you are keeping the angels of God from moving in your life! They operate on The Word of God, not on your feelings and words of doubt and they cannot go against your will! It’s not God that is not operating in your situations, it is YOU!

Believe me, when you know your Daddy on a first name basis; talk to Him regularly; laugh with Him; trust Him with everything in your life whether you can see it with your natural eyes or not, you will have such a peace and joy that it will radiate from you for the world to see! Nothing but God’s love for you and your love for Him will show in your countenance, attitude, confidence and expression! Don’t waste another day on ‘poor me’…take your place as a child of God and show the world who you are in Christ Jesus! Hallelujah!

My Mother Always Said I Was Different!

My mother was the most compassionate person I had ever known. When I look back over my childhood, my mother was always doing for others, not expecting anything in return.  In fact, when I was about 7 years old the neighbor lady asked if I would go to the neighborhood grocery store for her. I asked Mother and she said yes, for me to go for Mrs. D. Well, I went and when I brought her groceries to her she gave me a dime. I went home and showed my mother and she sent me right back to give the dime back! I will never forget my mother’s words! “You never do something for someone because you expect to be paid for doing it. You do it to help someone and that is your reward!” I was 7 years old and have never forgotten that!

Mother could never stand to see someone go hungry. She was not a monetarily wealthy woman, but for years she kept a family next door to her fed. They had 3 children and the mother couldn’t work because they couldn’t afford for anyone to keep the children while she did. Mother at that time was working 2 jobs, but every time she went to the grocery store for herself she came home with bags of groceries for that family!

Mother wasn’t a ‘smiler’ but she was a hugger! In fact, I am sure that she is the official greeter at the Pearly Gates and everyone gets a hug! Now, I am a smiler and a laugher! Where mother was a negative talker I have always been a positive talker, even as a child. I remember once when I was sick with the flu, I called Mother at work for something and her boss answered and asked me how I was! I said, ‘I’m fine’ and Mother had a fit! Why did I say I was fine when I was sick and throwing up???  My friends when I was growing up even called me an ‘eternal optimist’! I couldn’t understand what they were talking about!

Now, I said all of this because I cannot stand negative talk or thinking. I love life and am thankful for every minute of each and ever day. I can’t understand people that feel sorry for themselves and I can’t understand depression! Now, I’m not saying that I have never had any down, sad, lonely days, but there haven’t been that many and they didn’t last long! Life here on earth is temporary and it is such a waste to spend any of it being depressed and feeling sorry for yourself! Have you ever seen the video of the young man who was born without arms and legs? He has the most wonderful attitude and is going all around the world testifying and motivating others! There is nothing he can’t do. He feeds himself, he swims, he lives life to its fullest! Here is the link to see and hear him: http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/ 

Now the next time you start to complain about something or say something negative, STOP and think…what am I doing??? God loves you! He never leaves you!  He never forsakes you! He takes care of your every need, every desire of your heart. All He requires of you is your love for Him, your total trust in Him and your obedience to His Word. He is your Daddy and He wants to give you everything He has, so start building that close, personal, loving relationship with Him and receive what He has for you! Let the love of  God radiate from you. Smile at someone you don’t know and brighten their day. Let Jesus shine through you with your smile, pleasant look, glow of happiness in your eyes, a kind word to someone you don’t know, your attitude.  After all…you never know when you are coming in contact with an angel!

Every Day is Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday was February 14th, Valentine’s Day! Well, in my home, every day is Valentine’s Day! Now, Paul and I did make February 14th special many years ago when we got married and I became a Valentine on Valentine’s Day!

It is nice to have a day when everyone shows their love to loved ones and others, but it is really a shame that so many wait until that day on the calendar!  We should show our love to each other everyday not one day a year! It’s like giving God praise and worshiping Him on Sunday morning in church! We are supposed to show our love for Him by fellowshipping with Him, praising Him and worshiping Him every day! God doesn’t live in the church building you attend on Sunday…He lives inside of you. He goes every where you go! He knows everything you do! He knows everything you say and everything you think! 

Sunday is our day to come together in fellowship with each other and join together in our praising, worshiping and being fed God’s Word.  This year God not only had his children gather together on Sunday, but He also got to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us! I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day and a great praising Sunday, but please do like the Valentine family  and love, praise, bless, worship and fellowship with your Daddy and each other every day because EVERY DAY IS VALENTINE’S DAY!

Record Snowfall in Texas DFW area!

We have had the most beautiful 2 days, yesterday and today! All day long, and I do mean all day long, yesterday it snowed constantly! It stopped some time in the very early morning hours of today! We ended up with a little over 12 inches…a record breaker!

This snow was not like the usual snow we get in this area! Usually we have more ice than snow, but this time..oh, how beautiful and wonderful! A fine white powder, gently falling all day long and covering everything in sight! In the first picture you will see an item behind the birdbath with something sitting on it. That is a concrete bench and what you see is the seat of that bench. That is how deep the snow was! Breathtakingly beautiful!  God is so good! We were all tired of looking at ‘winter brown’ so He gave us a beautiful blanket of white! Thank You, Daddy!

What Exactly is a Blog?

This is a question I am asking myself! For some it is a place to present your art, your craft…for others is a place where you can teach and instruct! Then there is the journal. Now according to Google (what did we ever do before Google???)…

A blog (a contraction of the term “web log”)[1] is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. but my favorite is:

A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world. Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules. In simple terms, a blog is a web site, where you write stuff on an ongoing basis. New stuff shows up at the top, so your visitors can read what’s new. Then they comment on it or link to it or email you. Or not.

So here I am blogging! My passion along with my love for God (my Daddy), my wonderful precious family and my friends is photography, a gift from my Daddy! I love for people to be able to see my work, but I have a website for that, plus I have a Flickr photostream with nothing but thousands of photos I have taken on it. So this is my journal. If you visit it, I hope that you find something that will encourage you, make you smile or just lift you up in some way! If you don’t, oh, well!

I have never been one to keep a journal or diary on a regular basis, but I am enjoying this. I have always been one who periodically liked to write down my thoughts, feelings, emotions, so this is a great place to do it!  I may never have more than my four faithful followers, but that is okay. You see, this blog is about me, by me and most of all for me!

If you are here and you come back, you will probably learn more about me than you ever really wanted to know! But if you are here and you came back, I hope that in some small way I have been able to help you see the world in a different light, put a smile in your heart and on your face and bring some Sonshine into your life! Have a very blessed and prosperous day! Happy Blogging! ♥


Our family consist of my husband, me, our 2 grown children – our daugher and her husband – our son and his wife, 5 granddarlings and then our ‘other children’. Today I will introduce our ‘other children’! We have four 4-legged of the canine variety; one 4-legged of the feline variety; one 4-legged of the reptile variety and one 2-legged of the bird variety. In other words we have Saydee, our faithful and loyal 13 year old Maltese/Chihuahua mix; Bitsy, our 13 year old formerly abused Chihuahua; Dolly, our 15 month old highy active Chihuahua aka “The Flying Chihuahua” with the unique ears and yes, she is full Chihuahua with papers to prove it; Dudley, our daughter’s little elderly English Gentleman Yorkie; Serena, our 5 year old very independent but beautiful Calico cat; Petey our almost 2 year old Red Eared Slider turtle and last but by no means least is Gabby our 6 year old white Cockatiel. I seriously don’t think my husband knew just how much of an animal lover I was those many years ago!



Marvelous Monday!

Now most people would not look at today as a marvelous any thing! It is cold, rainy, dark, but it is still the day that The Lord has made so it is a good day! People would say, “We have had enough rain, we have had more than enough winter, etc. etc. etc!” Now in our eyes this is all true! I love winter because where I live in Texas, winter usually breezes through and is gone before you have a chance to wear your winter clothes! We have had several months of winter this year and everyone, including me, is ready for spring!  But God knows what He is doing so there has to be a very good reason for our ‘long’ winter this year! We have had drought for several years in the past, so have you ever thought maybe He is replenishing our ground, giving new life to the trees, grass, flowers, shrubs, lakes, ponds, cattle, wildlife? Hmmm! Interesting concept!

Now, I am definitely ready for spring! I love the ‘naked’ trees showing the true character of the tree, but I am ready for color rather than everything being brown. I am ready for LIFE which I know is taking place during this dormant stage. I am looking forward to seeing the first bud on my Crepe Myrtles. The first little sign of life on my rose bushes and hear the birds chirping away announcing the arrival of spring!

I am more than ready to get out with my camera and capture the beauty of life springing forth after hibernation! Anyone who has seen my photos knows that I love color! Lots of color! Bright Colors! So, yes, it is a marelous Monday, because I know what is coming!

God’s Love

Have you ever sat down and just thought about God’s love for you? Have you ever imagined having that kind of love? He loves each of us unconditionally! Can we do that? Do you love someone UNCONDITIONALLY? Hmmmm…gives us something to think about!

We love our spouse, we love our children, we love our grandchildren, we love our friends and yes, we love God. But do we love any of them UNCONDITIONALLY? Unconditional means not subject to conditions or limitations; not limited: absolute, unqualified! No matter how the people that we love treat us or what they may do or not do, do we love them without conditions or limitations? If you have a spouse or friend who ‘cheats’ on you, do you love them unconditionally? They may hurt your feelings, break your heart or ignore you, do you love them unconditionally?

Well, you know what? God does us! How many times have we gone through the day without telling God that we love Him? How many times have we not given Him praise and blessed Him or thanked Him for the blessings He has given us? How many times have we shrunk back from standing up for Him? We have hurt His feelings by how we have or have not treated Him and/or our brothers and sisters; we have broken His heart by our actions or lack of! And yet, God our Father loves us without conditions or limitations! We must meditate on that and then learn to love not only God, but others in our lives as God our Father loves us! He loves us as much as He loves Jesus…that is an eternity of love!

Love and Blessings,

A Life of Love, Joy and Peace

Do you ever take time to notice all the negativeness around you? Even little things like comments made whether on networking sites, the news or in general conversation such as: “I am feeling so down; things are never going right for me; I am so tired; I’m sick”, or people dwelling on tragedies, killings, deaths, the economy, doom and gloom or whining about situations in their lives? How often do you hear of people being so happy, grateful and thrilled with what is going on in their lives?

Now the Word of God says that you will have whatever you say (Mark 11:23); it doesn’t say whatever GOOD things you say! It says ‘WHATEVER you say’! So this tells me that if I am always gripping and complaining and talking negative, then that is what I am going to have in my daily life! I refuse to live in a negative world! My personal, daily world is full of love, joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment, prosperity, joy and all the promises and blessings of God, my Father!

My Daddy created every thing good. He is the King and I am His child! He and He alone provides my daily needs. He knows my needs and wants before I do. I have no worry or anxiousness concerning my earthly life. He is my source, not man nor government! He is first in my life now and forever! I spend each day talking and walking with my Daddy telling Him what is on my mind (He already knows, but He loves it when I tell Him how I feel!), what I want to do in my earthly life and how so very much I love Him! Do you realize that if you and I were the only ones who had ever been born, He would have still sacrificed His only Son for us? Do you realize how loved and blessed we are? God loves us UNCONDITIONALLY!

When you hear or read any thing negative, just stop and think how that is effecting your day, your life, your outlook! Right then no matter where or when…just stop and tell your Daddy how thankful you are that He loves you and takes care of you. Tell Him how much you love Him! I guarantee you that when you develop that close personal relationship with Him: keep your focus on Him and His Word and walk in obedience to what He has said in His Word, your life will be full of love, joy and peace! There will be no recession in your life, no fear of what man predicts, nothing but knowing that your Daddy is taking care of you and yours!

If you don’t know how to do this, simply contact me and I will help you find what I have! May God continually bless you and yours and prosper every thing you set your hands to!