Welcome to My World!

Welcome to “Thru My Daddy’s Eyes”. I am learning, by listening to my Daddy and being obedient, to see the entire world around me through His eyes. I have always loved Nature. I love the trees in full foliage and I love them without any leaves. This is when their true character is obvious for all to see. I love the sky with white fluffy clouds and the gorgeous Texas sunsets. (Sunrise is too early in the morning for me!) I love all flowers of all different colors including wildflowers, which if you ever take notice are some to the prettiest flowers there are! Roses are probably my favorite flower though and I have several rose bushes in my yard, each one different and unique from the others! I love water, whether it is a river, stream, lake or ocean! I just LOVE Nature! Nature is God’s canvas where He paints His masterpiece!

I always wanted to one day take oil painting lessons to put the beauty in Nature that I see, on canvas. Well, God being God and so good had other plans for me. He made known the gift He had given to me in 2007! One morning we had a shower, not really a heavy rain but a shower! I decided to take a picture of one of my roses that still had the raindrops on it. I took my small Sony camera out of my purse and took a close up of my rose. I then emailed the picture to my daughter and she immediately replied to my email with, “Mom, this is as good as Dad’s pictures!” Now this was the SUPREME compliment because Paul cut his teeth on a camera and is a superb photographer! So when I picked myself up off the floor, I knew that my Daddy had answered my prayer from a few days earlier. I had, in talking to Him, asked Him to reveal the gift that He had given me because I know that everyone has a gift. I just wanted to know what mine was! Well, on that day in May 2007 I had an answer to that prayer!

This was only the beginning!…More to come…!